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Sick of having to lug your children's homework books and lunch boxes to and from school each day? Then let them do it themselves instead. All you need to do is invest in one of these beautiful (and practical) handlebar bags, backpacks or pannier sets.

How to Encourage Your Children to Cycle to School

Available in a wide range of colours and designs, there's sure to be a bag to suit your child's tastes. Have a browse of the gallery below, choose your favourite, click on the link to purchase it, and you will be able to wave goodbye to your own overstuffed panniers on PE day and let the kids carry their kit bags themselves instead.


Although incredibly useful, children's panniers are extremely hard to come by. Fortunately for us though Bobike, Basil, Bike Fashion and Puky do all stock a few brightly coloured panniers that your kids are certain to love.

Handlebar Bags

Especially great for younger children, really cute handlebar bags are available to purchase from Etsy and Puky. These are just big enough to carry a couple of toys, a lunch box or schoolbooks meaning that you don't have to carry them yourself and your kid gets a sense of independence from transporting their own things.


Great for transporting school supplies and sleepover stuff both on and off the bike, there are a range of backpacks available that have been designed specifically for kids. We particularly love the range by Skip Hop Zoo, Deuter, SuzieLou Textiles and LittleLife.

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