Fendi Abici Amante Donna-worlds-most-expensive-bike

Bicycle buying doesn't come at a cheap price, but when the rich and the famous decide they want to buy a new steed, they have some incredibly insane options to chose from.

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We bring you a gallery of the most expensive bicycles in the world, for exceptionally rich riders (who probably don't even cycle).

Alas, we can only keep on dreaming...


Price: £341,000.

Holding the official title of the most expensive bicycle in the world, real butterfly wings were used in the build of this frame.

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And it comes to no surprise that it was designed by the one and only Damien Hurst and, was used by Lance Armstrong in the 2009 Tour de France.

Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept-most-expensive-bikes-in-the-world

Price: £136.000.

Designed by Japenese artist Yoshitomo Nara, the custom built carbon fiber time trial bike was made to commemorate Armstrong’s renewed cycling career in 2009.

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Just take a look at that striking yellow frame, with the interesting animation of two children wearing boxing gloves. It is truly a work of art.

Spyker Aeroblade bike-most-expenosve-bike-in-the-world

Price: £10,000.

When Koga collided with prestige car manufacturer Spyker, this baby was born. With a beautiful custom-built titanium frame, it has a very high-tech look to it, with only 50 made in the entire world.

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Complete with striking orange tyres, the matching vibrant quilted saddle, saddle bag and handlebar grips add a lovely finishing touch.

Phanuel Krencker's 'Bicyclettes de Luxe-most-expensive-bike-in-the-world

Price: £23,000.

The exquisite steed is a chrome and carbon fiber custom built bike, complete with mirror-polished metal components.

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And you know a bike is too fancy for its own good when it's only available on request and features a custom calfskin and alligator saddle and, lever hoods!

24K GOLD EXTREME MOUNTAIN BIKE-worlds-most-expensive-bikes

Price: £332,150.

It feels very suited that the makers of this steed have put the word extreme in the name. Being one of the most expensive bikes in the world, the mountain bike itself has obviously been laced with pure 24 carat gold, 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires.

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But what's even more extreme is the chocolate brown alligator custom made saddle and stingray water bottle.


Price: £8,800.

Although Hermes have had brought out quite a few bicycles throughout the years, the Sportif d'Hermes is their killer unisex ride.

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Its bright orange, shock-absorbing monobloc carbon frame features a fancy light brown bull leather saddle and matching handlebars, complete with hydraulic disc brakes.

KGS Tier 3 Custom Bik $22,000-$32,000-worlds-most-expensive-bike

Price: £15,000-£22,000.

Coming from KGS's 3rd price point (yes, they have three tiers of extravagant pricing), you know it's an impressive ride when they describe it as a "one-off work of rolling art".

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The custom built bike, complete with fine woodwork, has been built with rare components sourced from cycling R&D boutiques across the world.

Kaws – Trek Madone-worlds-most-expensive-bike

Price: £109,000.

A rather special version of Lance's Trek Madone, the Kaws is one of the most expensive bikes in the world and was used by Armstrong himself in the 2009 Milan-San Remo Cycle Race.

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New York based artist Kaws certainly left his signature cartoon style chomper imprint on the bike, transforming the wheels into two giant spinning mouths.

Aurumania’ gold bike crystal addition-worlds-most-expensive-bikes

Price: £69,500.

This is a bike you have to really look at close up to admire all of its beautiful detailing. And only ten of these bad boys bikes have been made, they're that special.

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Hand built and plated with 24 carat gold is enough to keep anyone happy. But they then went on to add 600 hand-adorned Swarovski cyrstals to the exquisite frame.

hermes bike-worlds-most-expensive-bike

Price: £8,000.

The second Hermes bike on the list, the Le Flaneur, has a beautiful elegant and lightweight white carbon-fiber frame with hydraulic disc brakes.

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Hermes used bull leather on the saddle and handlebars of this model to make it just that extra bit more special...

Fendi Abici Amante Donna-worlds-most-expensive-bike

Price: £6,700.

Karl Largerfield's masterpiece for Fendi is a bike truly made for the chic cyclists featuring a glamours hand stitched leather saddle, handlebars, and saddlebag.

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The elegant cream coloured city bike comes complete with a GPS holder, a genuine fur saddlebag and detachable vintage-style case (which let alone costs £650).

Kaws – Trek Madone  $160,000-worlds-most-expensive-bike

Price: £74,000.

Truly one of the coolest looking bike's on the planet, iconic street artist Shepard Fairey had his own take on the Lance Armstrong Trek Madone.

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Rode by Armstrong himself in the 2009 Giro d'Italia, Giro even designed a matching helmet in the same quirky design.

ETA’s gold-plated Charge Plug bicycle-worlds-most-expensive-bike

Price: £10,000.

The singlespeed Charge Plug was stripped, polished, plated in copper and then covered in a thick layer of 24 carat gold.

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Made as a prize for the Environmental Transport Association to encourage people to sign up to their cycle insurance, it also features a chic custom chain, seat and handlebars. Do bikes get more fancy than this?

Cervélo chrome hearts bike-most-expensive-bike-in-the-world

Price: £40,300.

When an American luxurious leather clothing and jewellery brand (Chrome Hearts) and a high end racing bike manufacturer (Cervélo) collide, the end result is going to be rather epic and, expensive.

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The gothic looking bike features a shed load of precious metals and rhinestones, with intricate artwork on the chic black chrome frame. It's also got a premium leather saddle with a hefty silver cross stuck onto it, did anyone really think that was a good idea for comfort?

Bianchi by Gucci Urban Bike-worlds-most-expensive-bike

Price: £7650.

Bianchi by Gucci saw yet another exciting collaboration between two of Italy's leaders of design. The hydro-formed steel single-speed bike features some luxurious customised leather grips and saddle, as well as Gucci detailing on the frame.

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The carbon fiber monocoque model also comes complete with matching Gucci accessories including a chic helmet, gloves and water bottle!

24k montante bike-worlds-most-expensive-bikes

Price: £30,800.

Stylish Italian bike manufacturer Montante set the bar high in the industry after releasing a 24 carat gold step though frame dutch style bicycle, covered in a whopping 11,000 Swarovski stones.

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Giving you nothing but the best, the bike fenders are also lacquered wood and the saddle and air pump have been made from anaconda leather.

Colnago for Ferrari CF8-worlds-most-expensive-bike

Price: £11,150.

Two of Italy's biggest bike and car manufacturer names, Colanago and Ferrari met for a collaboration like no other.

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The CF8 road bike features C-59 carbon tubes which are sourced from the Veneto region of Italy, with each frame having been made in the basement factory of Ernesto Colanago's very own house!


Price: £50,400.

With this being one of the only pictures we could find of the Trek Madone 7 Diamond, it's clear how unique and rare this bike is. It was formerly used by Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France when he won for the seventh time in 2005.

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Encrusted with seven man made, one carat diamonds and 300 white diamonds, the buyer of this tremendously bling bicycle is still unknown.


Price: £21,500.

The Factor 001 is a bike like no other. Weighing just 7.4 kg, it has been built with integrated LED lights, a set of very good looking 8-spoke monocoque carbon composite wheels and carbon disc brakes.

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Complete with its own board computer and GPS system, it can be set up as an indoor trainer and can measure your crank force, core body temperature, chest expansion, speed and riding position!


Price: £8,240.

Doesn't this just look like the most expensive bmx bike in the world? And it really is...

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Created by GoldStriker's Co-Founder, the impressive bike boasts a thick coating of 24 carat gold.


Price: £11,000.

Chanel made only 50 of these sleek black city bicycles, but what is so city-esque about it?

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Featuring Chanel's classic quilted look, they may have gone a little too overboard, with the bike having quilted leather handles, pannier bags, a chain guard and saddle bag. It also comes complete with a fancy Brooks saddle for an extremely comfortable ride.


Price: £33,659.

It's not even the bicycle that's the most expensive thing here. Feast your eyes on the vintage style trunk at the front of the bike, that's where all the money is at.

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The trunk is actually a picnic basket, which comes complete with ceramic plates, silverware, and napkins, attached to the front of this beautiful dutch style bicycle. Handy ehy? Made by Moynat, a Parisian trunk-maker which has been producing exclusive bags and boxes since 1849.


Price: £13,389.

You don't want to mess with this bike. the Bestia Nera which literally translates to 'black beast', has an ultra light carbon fibre frame and can switch from a track bike to hybrid in less than 10 minutes.

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Complete with disc-equipped three-spoke wheels its bullhorn style bars are actual horns!


Price: £9,691.

You can just tell this bike was crafted by the Italians, it is truly beautiful.

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Made from 100% titanium, it features a flashy titanium fork and an impressive teardrop-shaped down tube.


Price: £6,730.

This beautiful fixed gear steel frame bicycle has been hand made in Italy, with only 30 having been made in the entire world.

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Complete with an electric motor to help you conquer those climbs, it features a natural leather saddle and handlebars and, chrome-plated Deda Zero DR tubing.