yarn bomb bike city abandoned bicycle

Who doesn't love a yarn bomb? It brings colour to our ever-grey city landscapes, and gets people being crafty in all sorts of ridiculous and wonderful ways. Therefore, it's about time we highlighted some of the most beautiful bicycle yarn-bombs out there, by putting together a gallery.

Gallery: Bicycle Themed Cakes!

Like the bicycle above, some have been abandoned and on bike stands. Other bikes we've featured are still in everyday use. But they've all been beautifully yarn-bombed.

yarn bomb bicycle nature pretty bike flowers

A veritable eye-feast for anyone who loves nature and crochet detailing. Look at that buzzy bee on the wheel! This project makes us want to go and frolic in the woods.

yarn bomb bicycle bike netherlands holland abandoned old

We think the slightly dilapidated nature of of this yarn-bombed bike actually adds to it's beauty: this photo was taken when it was on sale at a flea market in the Netherlands. If only we'd been there! A flat tyre wouldn't have stopped us!

Cool Bike Gadgets: Rainy Riding

yarn bomb bicycle bike pink purple girly pretty

If Barbie's granny cycled, you know this would be the one for her. The princess colour palette has certainly enlivened the dreary street on which this bicycle was abandoned.

yarn bomb bicycle bike aztec beautiful gypsy craft holland

A fascinating yarn bomb: this image is actually taken from an old Dutch magazine discovered by blogger Little Yellow Cat. In the town of Marken in the northern Netherlands, it used to be common to see old woman on bikes with yarn decorating them. How awesome is that?

Cycling Accessories: Get the Nautical Look

yarn bomb bicycle bike guerilla knitting aztec harlequin colourful city fixie

We are loving this Harlequin-esque yarn bomb that's making us a little bit dizzy to look at. Nothing a quick ride won't fix, of course.

yarn bomb bicycle bike guerilla knitting day and night theme colourful

Here at TWC, we love a good theme. And this yarn-bomber has certainly made the most of theirs, in this day-and-night epic. Now that's a bicycle dressed to impress.

Cycle Homeware: Tea Party Essentials

yarn bomb bicycle bike guerilla knitting olek new york camoflage girly

I think it's safe to say that New York based artist Olek really likes crocheting stuff. Bicycles seem relatively tame to some of the complete worlds she has created with only her patience and knitting needles. We love it!

yarn bomb bicycle bike guerilla knitting lace adelaide australia

How demure! Proving that yarn bombs don't need to be exclusively colourful, this tasteful lace number found in Australia is bringing a touch of class to this bike stand.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Nifty Storage Solutions for the Bike

yarn bomb bicycle bike guerilla knitting circus colourful

And the opposite of our last bike, this is the most colourful thing we've laid eyes on in a long time. If only the yarn didn't render it unrideable, we'd love to take it out for a spin!

yarn bomb bicycle bike guerilla knitting sweater colourful beautiful

The artist Jane Morton created this 'bike sweater' many moons ago, and we're a little bit bummed out that her name for it didn't quite catch one. We love the idea of keeping our steed snuggly in the winter months!

10 Fun & Funky Handlebar Tapes

yarn bomb bicycle bike guerilla knitting camouflage pink purple girly olek new york

Another Olek piece, perhaps? This slightly eccentric New York artist doesn't always lay claim to her pieces, sometimes just leaving them to be absorbed by the city and photographer by eager visitors. We're loving the pink and purple camo vibes on this bicycle.

yarn bomb bicycle bike guerilla knitting spokes crochet

Another more refined option, this seems like a great idea for anyone wishing to add beautiful details to their bike. It may not be the best idea on a mountain bike though... yarn and mud don't mix great.

Cool Bike Gadgets: The Green Cyclist

yarn bomb bicycle bike guerilla knitting spokes crochet skirt guard

This crochet skirt-guard for your bicycle is absolutely beautiful, and it's also for sale! Head on over to Knits for Life to purchase one ready made, or alternatively buy the pattern so you can get creating by yourself. Good work.