Finding space in your home for your beloved bike(s) is something most cyclists have to struggle with. And even once you've managed to squeeze it into the narrow hallway, you then might be faced with an angry partner or housemate who is just sick and tired of it being in the way.

10 Bike Storage Solutions for the Home

Fear not, there are some pretty amazing things you can do to store your bike in your home, it's just about having the space, money and resources to do it. And this gallery of the most bike friendly homes shows you just how it can be done. But be warned, some of these house bike set ups and storage solutions are insane and, you will probably like us, feel jealous with every click.

Gallery: Dodgy Bike Lanes you Can’t Help But Laugh At

So enjoy procrastinating over other people's beautiful bike friendly homes, we sure did have a lot of fun making this gallery. It's honestly like Ikea designed every single one!

This set up is insane and really doesn't take up too much room!

Jealousy doesn't even describe it...

A great way of using up a small corner of your garden!

With high ceilings the possibilities are endless...

A very cool idea for using up space for your bike in your room!

The perfect dining room.

What an ideal garage storage solution?

Very impressive that they've manage to have two bikes in there even with the minimal space to work with!

The greatest attic in the world?


Eeeek, the basket even works as a towel holder!

A bike shed in disguise as a pretty bin cupboard? Genius.


This is very cool. Pop some shelves at the top and you have yourself a decent bike cupboard!


We can only dream of having a garage with space like this...

Ok, this person has a whole room in their house for their beloved bikey bits and bobs. That is insane.

What a cool crib, that brick wall is awesome.


Display your bike with pride in your home!


A shelf so big they need a step ladder to reach the top...

When we get rich...

Folding bikes are clearly the answer to bike storage problems...

We love this idea to spruce up your garden!


Impressive that they've managed to get four bikes on this freestanding bike rack.

Can we live here, pretty please?

It's really amazing how much space you can save in the home with tall ceilings.

What a neat and tidy bike home storage set up!

This person's bike is definitely a part of their home...


The options for storing your bikes are endless.

Does this person work for Ikea?

Your very own stand to lock your bike to, outside your insanely beautiful home.

We can only keep dreaming...

Bike shed envy.

Amazing, but you're just inviting bike thieves in...

Make your bike a part of your home!


It must be a lot of effort getting this down when needed but what a great way of making room for your bike in such a small space.

How many bikey things can you spot in just this one small room?

It's amazing what you can do with little space...

An attic for the bike fanatic.

Seriously cool.

The possibilities are endless with what can be done with all that garage space...

Hanging on the wall like a piece of art, we love this home.