Cycling is already an eco-friendly way of living. It doesn't harm the environment unlike other modes of transport and is a great way of showing how people can easily reduce their carbon footprint.

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Many brands have taken a step further in this direction to bring out eco-friendly cycling accessories, to give a little back to the environment. We've selected a handful of the best of these products that you can purchase, so you can wipe away that guilty conscious and know that you're doing your part!


The Rydon Pixio light is an all-round great buy for environment conscious cyclists. The fun looking light has a high-efficiency solar panel which means no charging and no fuss.

So if you, like the best of us, forget to charge your lights during the day before you head home from work, then this should solve the problem!

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The Rydon Pixio has high retention batteries that hold energy for long amounts of time, meaning you really get the most out of this little beast of a light. Just five days of sunlight will fully charge it, which will then give you a whopping 60 hours of light. And when the light starts to loose charge, just pop it in the sunlight for an hour, for another three hours of juice!

The lights are also very durable, using a thick rubber sleeve for protection and are highly water resistant (they even put it in the washing machine to show us).

And what's even greater is the price tag.

Price: £26.00, available from Rydon.


The Siva Cycle Atom is a pretty neat device for cyclists looking to use less energy. 'Ride your bike and charge your device', the concept of the product is that simple.

Giving you power when you need it the most, the device attaches to your bike's rear wheel and stores the energy produced from your pedaling! Charging iPhones, Androids, GoPro's and rechargeable lights, it can be re-juiced either on the bike or through it's USB port if needed.

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The slight downside to the lightweight eco-friendly cycling accessory, is that it is only slightly weather proof. Therefore, it can withstand wet weather riding as long as it doesn't get totally drenched!

Price: £85.00, available from Siva Cycle.


The Bobble Sport water bottle is a great little investment designed for people who are always on the move.

The 710 ml bottle, available in a multitude of funky colourways, has a molded shape that fits into your hand, making it easy to drink from when exercising. The eco-friendly cycling accessory has a replaceable carbon filter which filters the water to remove chlorine, lasting for 300 refills (approximately 2 months).

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With a nifty rubber carry handle and a tight lid that doesn't leak, it's one of the cheapest filtering water bottles in the market!

Price: £9.99, available from Superdrug.


Green Oil's cleaning products are the greenest of the green and are the definition of eco-friendly cycling. The brand uses fully biodegradable products sourced from 27 different types of plants and other natural based ingredients.

And if you're thinking that they most likely won't do the job, you're wrong. Their chain lube test shows that you can ride for up to 125 miles before you need to start thinking about reapplying!

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Using no petrochemicals used, or PTFE (also known as Teflon which is very harmful to the environment) they've also managed to get their packaging on point. Each bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic and a few of their products even use old fizzy drinks bottle tops!


Vaya Bags are an uber cool bag brand based in New York, with an eco-friendly cycling based focus.

Each bag is made from recycled Sunbrella fabric sourced from local sail boat factories, which is a highly waterproof marine canvas lined with 18 oz of vinyl coated polyester. The material is also fade resistant and is very durable, which is great for cyclists who are always outside facing the elements.

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Vaya Bags are all hand made, and use recycled inner tubes and screen printed logos on each of their eye-catching and, interestingly designed bags. We recommend you have a look at their entire collection!

Price: Around £100 depending on the size and style, available from Vaya Bags.


The Saha, made by high quality helmet brand Kali Protectives has a sleek urban round shell design, perfect for city commuters. It's been produced with 100% non bleached natural cotton fabrics, with a Polylactide outer shell and a BIO-DOME construction. And the whole product uses solely renewable, bio-based, recycled and non solvent materials. Genius!

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Complete with a nifty removable visor and some pretty awesome colourways, it's also nice to know that it's fit pads are washable, adjustable and, anti-microbial. For when things get a little too heated on your commute...

Price: £25.00-37.00, available from Amazon.