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Thinking of going cycling as a first date activity? LOVE IT. Not only is it cheaper than more traditional first dates (popcorn, eh?), it also gives you a great insight as to whether your prospective life-partner will be able to keep up with your awesomeness, on or off the bike.

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However, you've got to make some considerations if you wish to go cycling as a first date activity. Therefore we've compiled this list of tips so you don't end up thoroughly freaking she or he out. Because it's hard for cyclists to imagine what it's like to be a person that isn't a cyclist, never mind fall head over heels for them.

Pub Break

Some cyclists love nothing more than starting to pedal and seeing where they end up. And this is a great idea when you're flying solo.

But with a date? Well it's incredibly likely that your love-interest has inflated their cycling prowess in order to make you feel better about dragging them for a ride in the cold. It may be that all that's getting them through the cycle is the thought of a coffee/hot chocolate/entire bottle of wine at the end.

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Or, if you don't fancy finding a pub, you can just finish up beside a view you're really into. Someone once rode with me to Finsbury Avenue Square on a date. There are lights in the ground that make it look a bit like you're in the movie Tron. It was very cute.

Senior couple on country bike ride

Look, we know it can be infuriating if your cycling partner just doesn't have the legs. Suddenly an activity that you love has become about patience, and you feel like you're anti-exercising. But please please please, don't leave your date behind.

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Eventuality 1: They will think you're mean. They're probably already lacking in self-confidence because you were cool enough to suggest exercise for a date and now you've left them behind to wallow in their own lack of fitness? Not cool.

Eventuality 2: They will get lost. You will spend the next few hours trying to find them, only to discover them moaning at the side of the road with a visible tibia.

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If you don't do this, things can go one of two ways. You will either turn up on your hybrid for a casual jaunt into town and your date will be head-t0-toe Lycra'd, or the reverse.

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Have a chat about what kind of bike they own and like to ride so you can match as best you can. If you don't have something corresponding, at least ensure you're both wearing similar attire. Nothing will put a more imminent wedge between you than looking like you're not together.

Or if you want to be properly neutral, consider a cycle hire scheme so you're both starting off on the same, cumbersome foot.

Bicycle has flat tyre and man helps his girlfriend pump it up. outdoors mountain bike couple.

Well, not too much anyway. Sure, it's an important thing to be able to do. But it's ridiculous to expect your date to be of the same level of interest and skill as you.

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You should worry, however, if your date doesn't offer to help/watch and learn when you are carrying out repairs. That is important. And if someone gets angry because you've emasculated them... well that's not very cool.

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Does your date tend to notice the architecture or nature? Do they complain about the rain or smile in the face of a thunderstorm?

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None of these answers are 'right', but what your date likes about a ride is important. If it aligns with what you love about cycling, you might just be on to a good'un.

Young Couple Riding On The Tandem Bicycle

Always. Because seeing one person on a tandem is the world's saddest visual metaphor. Seeing two people on a tandem, however, inspires feelings of warm fuzziness in everyone. Basically, riding a tandem together will create an unbreakable bond with you and the new love of your life. It might even lead to a happy ever after, like it did for this Redditor...

Reddit tandem bike couple date

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