There's nothing quite like making something yourself, especially if it's a product you would usually go purchase from the shops. It gives you a little sense of achievement, because we really can make anything once we put our minds to it.

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Using insightful tutorials sourced from around the net, we show you how to create your very own bike stand, camera mount and snow-proof tyres. You will also find out how to decoupage your bike and make it glow in the dark! Sound fun?

Warning: This requires a little bit more elbow grease than our recent bicycle craft projects post!


Bike stands are such handy things to have in the house when a quick maintenance job is needed on your bike. They're also really great for when you need to properly clean your bike. Purchasing a good bike stand to see you through the years can involve spending a lot of money, but if you're feeling up for the challenge give this a go.

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There are many types of bike stands you can make, but this one from the Instructables is one of the simplest we've seen, requiring very basic materials and tools. Using a PVC pipe (that you can pick up easily very cheaply on the internet), all else that is needed is a saw, tape measure, a chisel and some PVC cement!


Riding at night shouldn't be a safety problem if you've got lights and reflective accessories to ensure you can be seen. But how does a glow in the dark bike sound? Enabling you to be seen at night from all angles, it gives you one less thing to worry about, as you will definitely be visible on the roads, trust us!

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Using another handy tutorial from the Instructables, there's not much needed to make your bike glow in the dark. Just grab some phosphorescent paint (which you can get online from glonation) and a few other DIY bits and bobs which you will most likely find dotted around your house.


If you're looking to find a extremely cheap and easy to make camera mount for your bike, we've found the simplest tutorial. This home made mount enables you to clamp your camera to your handlebars, seat post, frame, or just about anything you can think of!

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The Instructable tutotial uses a basic spring clamp (which you can get for under £5 online), a long bolt and some hex nuts. You pop the bolt through the hole of the spring clamp and then screw it onto the bottom of your camera, it's that simple!


A great way of making your bike truly unique is to take things into your own hands and decoupage it. Allowing you to cover your bike's frame in things that are memorable to you, whether it's magazine cuttings, old stickers, vintage wall paper or an old map.

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HappinessIsAButterfly has a great tutorial on how to decoupage your steed, showing you how it's done with some vintage 1950s travel magazines. Using Modge Podge and a strong glaze to seal the cuttings to your bike, all that's then needed is for it to dry.


This one might seem a little odd on the list but cycling in the winter is a nightmare for any cyclist, so knowing how to make your tyres ice and snow proof is a great knack to learn. And Green Cupboards share with us just how easy it is...

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Using a pair of scissors and some standard plastic zip ties which cost next to nothing, you simply wrap the zip ties around your tyre and then secure and, cut them into place. They will now be able to grip to icy roads!

Note: We would recommend using black zip tyres so they're not as easily seen.