If you like us are bonkers for bikes and are feeling a little adventurous, then these bicycle craft projects should be right up your street.

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Using handy tutorials from across the net, we show you how easy it is to make your very own bicycle skirt guard, saddle cover, cycling cap, inner tube earrings and wall storage hooks.

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As well as saving you some pennies, these fun bicycle craft projects can also make great gifts for a bike mad friend or partner. And if you have a stab at making any from this list, share your pictures with us on Twitter!


Skirt guards are great accessories that will make a big difference to your ride if you're a fan of wearing long floaty skirts and dresses on the bike. Fitting to the rear wheel of your bicycle to prevent any material from making its way into the wheel, they're also great in helping to keep your clothing bike stain free.

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There are quite a few tutorials knocking about online but Hideous Dreadful Stinky have a fun and easy one which luckily enough requires no sewing! All you need is a couple of old t-shirts or jerseys, two metal shower cap rings and some scissors. The possibilities are now endless!


Saddle covers are life-savers, helping to prevent you from getting a soggy bottom after leaving your bike out on a rainy day. We had never even thought of the possibility of making our own, but this guide from the mighty Instructables proves just how easy they are to make.

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A lot of DIY saddle cover tutorials on the internet make crochet woolen ones, but what would be the point in that? So make sure to hunt down your favourite piece of waterproof material and get cracking with this project!


Finding room for your beloved bike in your home can be a big struggle for cyclists. And after cramming it under the stairs or into the narrow hallway, you then might be faced with an unimpressed angry partner or housemate who claims you're just taking up too much space.

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But alas, there are solutions out there, and ones you can make yourself quite cheaply as well. Mini Penny have a great tutorial on how to make your own wall bike hooks which will help you to display your bike with pride in your home, clearing up valuable floor space.

Warning: this one does require a lot more elbow grease than the rest on this list!


Cycling caps are nifty little products that help to keep the sweat, sun and rain from your eyes on a ride. They are a staple part of the iconic roadie look.

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With quite a few handy tutorials on the net, Bicitoro's vintage style cap is a great place to start. Giving you the freedom to make a cycling cap in whichever fabric or style you would like, it will cost next to nothing as long as you have your own sewing machine!


Bicycles provide a wealth of materials that can go on to make all sorts of fun and interesting products. And their inner tubes can be made into just about anything, from bags, wallets, belts and jewellery.

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Another great tutorial from Bicitoro, this time showing you how simple it is to make earrings from recycled inner tubes. Using whatever shaped paper cutter you would like to shape the inner tubes, all you will need to grab next is some glue and earring fishhooks.

And voila. You have yourself a pair of fancy inner tube earrings!