There's a new and exciting furniture brand on the scene ladies. And that may not sound very exciting to the bike world, but just take a look at what can be done with it.

Chlo#1's furniture has been built with style, elegance, and the city cyclist in mind. Each of the brand's piece doubles up as a handy bike stand, meaning that you can say bye bye to all the home bike storage hassle in your life!


[related_articles] Each of the piece in the Chlo#1 range retails at around £170-£280 and uses natural wood with the lick of paint of your choice. They also give the furniture a polyurethane finish, to ensure no scratches are made to your new table or beloved bike.

The brand is so new that they don't even have a website yet, so keep updated with them and how to get your hands on the furniture on their Facebook page.

Let your bike take pride in your home!