Cycling has quite literally expoled in recent years. And with this rise we've seen cycling clothing become its own fashion style.

The cycling apparel trend has been picked up by high end designers in the fashion industry, bringing elements of cycling apparel to the catwalk. Now we don't mean to blow our own trumpets but we always knew we were trendsetters from the start!

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Attitudes from people seeing cyclists as 'untrendy' people who wear high-vis clothing has been finally (let's hope) banished. So let's take a look at some of the velo inspired trends that have hit the catwalk...


Model Aggness Deyn was seen rocking cycling shorts back in 08, which caused a lot of attention in the industry. They then came back with a bang a few years after that, with the likes of many well known high end fashion brands including Alexander Wang, Chanel and Louis Vutton bringing the trend to the catwalk.

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And with this came the endless replications of cycling shorts on the high street. From American Apparel, H&M and Primark, they could be seen everywhere and there's no sign of them leaving the shops anytime soon...


We owe a lot to our girl Stella. She is one high end fashion designer that seems to have nailed making cycling gear, that has actually been designed to be worn on a bike!

Stella came into the world of cycling apparel in 2010 in collaboration with Adidas. It was sleek, stylish and elegant and had good technical features that cyclists were impressed with.

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After that it was leaps and bounds, with Stella designing the Team GB 2012 kit (remember how dashing Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton looked in it?) as well as another five lines of fashion forward cycling apparel with Adidas.

Her 2015 Adidas cycling line looks very fancy and we can't wait to try it out. The range is not cheap but it's very affordable for designer gear, with her cycling jacket coming in at £130 and the jerseys priced at £95.


Many designers have utilised the iconic cycling cap within their fashion shows. First it was Hermes and then Betsy Johnson, who created a whole show around the theme of the Tour de France. Of course it was re-named, 'Le Tour de Betsey' which saw models take the stage in yellow cycling caps with bike chains and padlocks draped over their shoulders.

British designer Henry Holland also dipped into the world of cycling, with his 'Ride It' show back in 2011. Featuring red leather cycling caps and tee's with a rather prominent 'Ride It' slogan on them, just to make things extra bikey. He also made that rather perculiar jacket for Skyride which had his iconic bold style and affordable high street price tag on it.

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Giles Deacon was the next British designer to work with Skyride, producing limited edition handlebar bags. These were pink and blue bags with a snakeskin print on them. Edgy hey?

Cyclists saw a lovely new addition to their wardbrobes when designer Kate Spade bought out two bike friendly bags. Although the price (£280.00) was a little too far fetched, it was great to see a functional and stylish cycling bag made in the high end fashion industry.


We all know designer brands go a little overboard with what they bring out. Maybe we just don't understand what fashion is, but sometimes you've got to question their logic.

So with the bike trend in full swing in the high end fashion industry, it was obvious that they were going to bring out some bad boy bicycles. And when we say bad boy, they are pretty bling (and pointless to ride). Ralph Lauren did it, Hermes did it and Chanel surely did do it.

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Take Fendi for instance, they brought out the Abici Amante Donna, a £6200 bicycle (nope, it wasn't even carbon fibre) with a front mounted vintage case and fur saddlebags. Designed specifically for women, it also features hand stitched handlebars and a GPS navigation system case. Swanky!

And if that wasn't pricey enough, Chanel released their very own bicycle with a shocking £12,000 price tag?! With only 50 made, it features the brands iconic quilted leather on the handle bars, a Brooks saddle and quilted Chanel saddle bags for all your cycling gear.