Cyclists can be real a bit picky about aesthetics, some even subscribing to every item within the lengthy tome we call ‘The Rules’ (whilst others revel in flouting these).

Today we received notification of a product that breaks all of these ‘holy rules’ of cycling – and yet it looks awfully convenient to use, too.

North St. Bags hand make pannier bags, backpacks and more in Portland, USA (making them to order and shipping them internationally). Newly added to their roster of handy carrying receptacles are the ‘Pioneer 9’ and ‘Pioneer 12’ hip bags.


Both bags can be used as hip bags (bum bags in the UK, dare we say it, fanny packs elsewhere?) or handlebar bags. Both are treated with a water resistant DWR finish and come with a lifetime warranty.

The Pioneer 9 ($39/£31) features a wide pack that can easily fit a point-and-shoot camera case, a travel organiser for a power pack and cables, and even a pencil case for an artist (or journalist!).


The Pioneer 12 ($59/£48) is larger and can be upgraded with numerous internal pocket ad-ons. There’s an optional shoulder strap to spread the load if you’re carrying quite a bit. It can take anything from an additional jacket and riding goggles for a mountain biker to a full on camera with extra lenses for the avid photographer.

We'd love to know what you think - really handy accessory, or will you be sticking with your saddlebag, pockets, or mountain biking backpack?

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