Ever thought it would be awesome to work in the cycling industry?

Despite the gloomy picture often painted about there being hardly any women on the scene, there are a few shining stars making sure women's voices are heard, and ensuring the washing machine gets emptied in the office from time to time (joking! joking! don't shoot us!).

We scouted around the industry to highlight some of the coolest jobs in the industry - and the women lucky enough to be doing them - here's what and who we found...

Kathy Sessler – Santa Cruz Syndicate Manager

Kathy is the manager of the Santa Cruz Syndicate team - one of the most successful and well known teams in downhill racing around.

She got her first mountain bike in 1989, and raced her first event that year, keeping it up until 1997 and competing in many World Champs, taking three National Champion titles in the Veteran (over 35,at the time) Category.

She's been working in team management with Santa Cruz Syndicate since 2004 - and says: "It’s a really rewarding job, there are so many high points, and I really honestly can’t say there are any low points! There are some really rich moments, and sometimes these moments that mean a lot aren’t always the wins."

carolyn gaskell velocity clothing

Carolyn founded Velocity to provide female cyclists with more options in cycling clothing - she wanted to make commuting and leisure options that were stylish, comfortable and functional.

The company was born when Carolyn became disillusioned with the range of women’s cycle wear on the market. After 13 years working within charity and education sectors she decided to go off piste and design herself a pair of women’s specific urban cycling trousers. It all just kept snowballing from there.

Colleague Lois joined the company not long after, bringing with her Carrie the cat, who holds a "high powered position on the Velocity Team"...

You can check out the kit here...

2013-11-24 13.20.33

Caroline is a pro mechanic at the independent bike shop, Griffs Cycle Lab, and she's had the pleasure of being team mechanic to Matrix Fitness Pro Cycling on a couple of occasions, too.

Her background is in engineering, having worked in the Royal Navy, but she's since graduated from Cycle Systems Academy with a Level Three QCF Diploma in Cycle Maintenance. So she knows what she's doing with a tool kit.

In her own riding, she's all about the mud - and writes about her work and cyclocross exploits on her blog, Panda On A Bike.

emily chappell

Ok - yep - we're cheating, because Emily quit her job as a bike courier a little while ago to ride around the wold and write about it.

However, Emily spent years delivering parcels by bike around in London, and writes: "I’ve never enjoyed a job so much, or stuck with it so long" - so it sounds like it's a career well worth spending some time in.

She does add: "There’s very little career development in couriering, so I’m delighted to have found other ways of cycling and writing full-time."

Emily's first book will be published by Guardian Faber in early 2016... we can't wait. You can catch up with her adventures here.


Kerry launched Revolution Cycling Coaching - offering tailored cycling coaching for women - when she spotted a gap in the market.

She has a passion for all things related to fitness, and gave up a career in Pharmaceutical Marketing to provide women with the opportunity to get fitter, healthier and become more confident as cyclists.

An accomplished racer herself, she's worked as a personal trainer and has a BSc in Biology, as well as being an accredited British Cycling Coach and having completed a course in CycleFit Precision Bike Fitting.


In the day, Claire is the brand manager at Condor Cycles - the custom bike builders who have been doing just than for the last 60 years. That means makes sure Condor maintains its amazing reputation, and she gets to call on the mechanics when she wants to build a new bike up - not bad.

On the weekends, Claire is a talented Cyclocross rider, who blogs about racing, training, and everything else at I Get Cross.

Claire has dabbled in all sorts of sports, but loves to ride because you can just "get on the bike and go" and she loves racing as "you go really fast and sometimes you win something."


Racing puts a lot of pressure on the body - expeically for Downhill mountain bikers competing at World Cup level!

Laura Robson is a physiotherapist for Harris and Ross, and she's worked with extreme sports athletes at various events worldwide.

She has worked with the Athertons and the GT Factory Team during the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Series. She runs, mountain bikes, and snowboards herself -so she likes being on the road with the athletes, and feels like she fits in with their crazy action packed world!


Jenni created the London Bike Kitchen - a DIY workshop where people can work on their own bikes and receive guidance - to promote self-reliance and make cycling more accessible.

There is a full tool library, and mechanics on hand, as well as courses available, women's only nights and monthly bike rides.

All of this because Jenni bought a bike frame and realised there was little local help available to assist her in building it - so she learnt to do it herself and set about teaching others, too.


There are a few great names we could put here!

However, Rebecca Charlton stands out, having worked with Channel 4, ITV4, BTSport, Time Inc, most recently being the face of commentary at the Revolution Series.

As well as interviewing the pros, Charlton writes advice for beginners - she's also the author of "Fitter, Further, Faster" - a guide to getting fit for sportives and road riding.

Inspiring women in cycling 2014

Well that would be an amazing career!

There are hundreds of amazing professional riders we'd love to spend 'a day in the life of' - Dr Emma Pooley, Marianne Vos, Rachel Atherton, Laura Trott, Manon Carpenter, Tahnee Seagrave... the list is endless.

We can dream, hey!