Conquering the rain on your bike has never been so simple...

Bike Cap Handle Bar Sleeves:

We've seen these built into cycling specific jackets and rainmacs, but would you opt in for ditching your gloves and wearing these funky handle bar sleeves instead?

Looking slighty like gardening gloves, the handle bar sleeves from Bike Cap provide the ultimate snug cover from the rain and protect your hands from the win and, morning chill.

Available in a multitude of interesting styles and colours, our favourite has to be their atlas map and music cassette tape print which you can even pair with their matching rain hat and saddle covers!

Price: £28.00, available from Bike Cap.



If you've ever been to Holland, you'll probably have realised how normal it is for commuters to cycle whilst holding up their umbrella. Due to their frequent sudden wet weather, they have been able to master the one handed cycle, the whole way into work.

But with Uberhood, cyclists can "Be cool, stay dry and keep riding" with no fear when heading out into wet and windy weather. And let's not forget, it's not just a rain accessory, its special silver lining also reflects the sun to keep you cool!

We would explain how easily it attaches to your bike, but they've even made a funny little video illustrating how.

Price: £37.00, available from Uberhood.

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