Buying a new bike can be a very pricey process but there's nothing better than the look and feel of a brand new shiny steed. If you can't afford to buy yourself a new bike and have become a little bored with the look of yours, there are so many nifty ways you can easily spruce it up!

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The great thing about these steps is that they are affordable, can be removed whenever you like and give you the ability to do absolutely whatever you like with your bike. Remember it is YOUR freedom machine!

Here are some ways you can refresh your ride to make it feel new again...


Adding new handlebar tape to your bike is probably one of the easiest transformations you could give it. You'll get an instant noticeable change in style and a more comfortable, better grip.

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There are so many options out there to chose from, our favourite has to be the funky harlequin pattern (which takes some concentration and skill to apply) which is used by wrapping two coloured tapes together at the same time.

Some of these might take your fancy:

  • Vel Leopard Print Bar Tape: £15.99, available from Leisure Lakes Bikes.
  • Bike Ribbon Cork Bar Tape: £9.99, available from Tredz.
  • Deda Elementi Carbon Silver Handlebar Tape: £5.99 (RRP £7.99), available from Chain Reaction Cycles.

If you're wanting a whole new colour for your bike then a great option is to buy some decals (which is basically just like a sticker) for your bike. You could have a stab at painting your bike, but this is a much easier option which an be removed instantly if needed.

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You can get a variety of frame decals on the net, some small and then some large which fit the entire frame. This website makes thousands of fun and funky styles for you to chose from for just £6.00 each! You can also look at getting reflective bike decals which give you the benefit of having added visibility in the night.


Ok, so it might sound pretty obvious but giving your bike a mighty good clean can make all the difference to the look and feel of your bike. Over the months or years of riding you put it through, you need to remember to give it some care every now and again. From doing this you will experience a noticeable performance boost!

Firstly, give it a clean with some standard bike wash and remove all the dirt that has been gathering in every nook and cranny of your bike. Then, we would recommend to give your chain and all your components a good application of lube to keep things running smoothly.

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It's also worth grabbing a multi-tool to tighten all the nuts and bolts on your bike. This will get it performing the way it should feel when it's brand new and ensure that nothing's loose or rattling where it shouldn't be.

Playing around with your gear shifter cables will also help to get rid of any annoying, skipping gear changing problems that inevitability happen over the years. Tightening your brake's barrel adjuster will help to give you the sharp and crisp braking you would get from a brand new steed.

And lastly, make sure to pump your tyres to the correct pressure!


The easiest way to spruce up your ride is through accessories. You really don't have to spend a fortune on them and you can remove them when you want. They give you the power to do whatever you want with your bike, reflecting your personality and riding style just from the glance of it!

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There are some pretty wacky bike accessories out there, here are few that might work for your bike: