Don't you just hate that your purse is an awkward shape and size for your jersey, or that it isn't waterproof. It's annoying having to find ziplock bags to wrap and store your phone in, which may offer water resistance, but little impact protection. Well, look no further my frustrated friends because VeloPac appear to have the solution.

The UK based cycle brand, VeloPac, first launched in 2013 with a variety of cycling accessories for riders of all discipline. They pride themselves on creating stylish, functional and innovative products to get you through any ride.


Their RidePac is the bee's knees. Designed to fit neatly in a jersey pocket, it's waterproof with soft padded lining to protect your valuables. Constructed from tarpaulin and microfibre fabric, the RidePac serves as the ideal weather and sweat barrier to your belongings.


I've been stuff my ride essentials into this little pac and I'm surprised by how deceptively spacious it is. This bottomless Mary Poppin's style purse is large enough to fit your phone in, even the bigger models like iPhone 6 Plus' and Samsung Galaxy S6.

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The ergonomic spacing allows you to pack in everything you need, without creating a bulbous mis-shapen mass that you have to lug around with you. The slim profile remains slim, even when packed which is great for your jersey pocket, or your backpack.


What's so great about the RidePac is it's genius use of space, size and weatherproof materials. I particularly love how you can throw it in your bag or pocket, and rest assured that your possession are safe and dry. There's also no reason why you can't adopt this as a regular purse when you're off the bike too!

The RidePac measures: 100mm x 185mm x 25mm and is available in a variety of colours and designs. They are available here from £20.

A perfect gift, or little treat for yourself maybe?

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