There are plenty of bike lights on the market that serve a variety of purposes when you're on a ride. You want to be seen by other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, but you also need to see where you're going to avoid any hazardous obstacles.

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This set of BikeHalo wheel lights are pretty cool, as they use LED cables to wrap around the rim of your wheel - without causing any damage - so that they light up the whole circumference.


The device has a USB rechargeable battery which fits snug to the rim of your wheel, while the LEB cable loops through each spoke. There are two modes for the lights, each using a different amount of power: flashing mode has a 30 hour battery life, and steady mode has a 15 hour battery life.

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No tools are needed for installation and they fit to a majority of wheel types. So whether you're cycling to/from work, or shredding the mountains, you can spin those bright lights in any circumstance.

The front and rear wheel set is available here for £40.

Being safe doesn't mean you have to be boring. These wheel lights are fun, weatherproof and totally safe, ensuring that you're seen on the roads at night.

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