If you, like many, enjoy cycling in your everyday clothing, then these pretty chamois panties should be right up your street.

[related_articles] There's been a surge in women's padded underwear hitting the shops recently, giving commuters the chance to wear whatever they want on the bike, without worrying about a sore bottom at the end of their journey.

Designed to be worn under normal everyday clothing, the chamois panties (which have a much thinner chamois than usual your cycling shorts or bib tights) will be extra handy when wearing skirts and dresses on the bike.


Although they're only made for short commuting distances (and even for Tri and indoor cycling), they give your bottom all the comfortable padding it needs on the saddle.

Using a thin Italian chamois, which you probably won't even notice is there, the underwear features some very handy moisture-wicking qualities. Made from a stretchy, lightweight fabric, they will sit snugly in place as you pedal away.

Available in a Canny Banny and Fire Fox print, would you wear these on your commute? Tweet us and let us know!

Sizes: XS-L.

Price: £32.00, available from ZIB.