The clocks go forwards soon (on Friday!) - which means that even if you've been blessed with fog, rain and chilly weather as of late, the sun is not too far away. We hope.

Sunglasses for cycling protect your eyes from harmful rays, as well as offering a shield against road grit and grime.

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You don't have to opt for women's sunglasses for cycling, and many riders go with unisex versions, but there are a few brands making a great selection of glasses designed to fit female features - we've rounded up some of the best...


If you're after value - you couldn't go too far wrong with this dhb set, for £19.99.

These provide protection from UVA and UVB rays, and have a strong, lightweight frame. You get three sets of lenses, all scratch and impact resistant.

Opt for pink in dull, overcast light (when you need rose tinted glasses.. geddit?), blue for cloudy conditions, and grey for sunny days.

Price: £19.99


Available in white and black, these Stella Light Reactive glasses have a photochromic lens - which adjusts to changing conditions in 7 seconds, so you don't need to worry about swapping lenses.

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Set in a lightweight frame, they have soft rubber pads at the tempels and nose, and come with a hard case and cloth.

They offer 100% UV protection, so you know your peepers will be safe.

Price: £37.99 (from £39.99)


Make your friends zealous (sorry...) with these women's airstream glasses.

Designed for running, cycling, and snowsports, as well as everyday use, these are super light and have a wraparound design to keep them comfortably fitted.

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The hypoallergenic silicon nose pads are adjustable, and there are temple pads made from the same material.

These come with a hard case, and a lifetime warranty - a pretty smashing deal, really..

Price: £39.99 (from £79.99)

Oakley Miss Conduct Squared Illumination Blue Sunglasses

We love the cool styling on these 'squared' glasses, and we like their attitude, too - Oakley say they're designed for "the athlete who demands performance, plays by her own rules".

The lenses are polarized, and have optimized peripheral view and side coverage. They offer full UV protection and filter out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC light.

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These have a durable frame, with three-point fit to keep the lens in the perfect position.

Price: £69

(New, pink lens version available for £116.24)

Rudy Project Ladies Noyz Sunglasses

If you like hot pink, you'll like these, though they are available with a purple frame, too.

Designed for cycling or running, they'll be comfortable and a wraparound shape ensures they won't slip around, whilst an adjustable temple grippers and nosepiece offer extra comfort.

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These feature a smoke lens, which transmits only 22% of the light and is ideal for moderately sunny days or winter days.

Rudy Project do offer a wide range of premium lenses for different conditions, and these glasses feature a Quick Change system which means they're super easy to swap over should you choose to.

Price: £82.49 (from £109.99)

Oakley Enduring Edge Women's Sunglasses

Oh - to own a pair of Oakley glasses!

Oakley's Enduring Edge women's specific pair offer performance and durability, with an anti-smudge lens coating and complete protection from UV, UVA and UVB rays.

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These are designed to fit a woman's face, and have a three-point fit that holds the lenses is precise alignment, whilst the lenses minimse glare thanks to a special Iridium coating.

Price: £99.95 (reduced from £160)


These aren't cheap, but as well as all the awesome anti-smudge, anti-scratch features of quality Oakley lenses, they come with an extra clear lens, making them wearable in sunny and dark conditions.

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These lenses are designed to optimize visual clarity in any light conditions, to a standard worthy of elite athletes. Every detail is considered - down to the 'surge points' to allow airflow. Both frame and lenses are female specific, shaped to fit the smaller features of the (obviously fairer) female sex.

Price: £139.99 (from £225)

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These are for the rider that wants to look THE BIZ - though them come in a lovely 'laser brown' and black if you're after performance without the snazzy colour scheme.

These are slightly smaller than the men's range, to suit women and youngsters (tell your kids/siblings to keep off!).

The low profile and super lightweight rims support multilaser lenses - developed with a special process implementing very thin ''mirror'' coatings on the lens surface. These let in about 11-21% of light, and are great for intermittent sunlight, and bright days.

Price: £92.29 (from £106.99)

We hope you enjoy the sun when it arrives! Check out these 10 Best Face Suncreams for Cyclists with Sensitive Skin to keep you protected.