Cool Bike Gadgets: Carry-Less Tools

If you’re feeling inspired to launch your own crowdfunding campaign then have a look at our top pics of the best bike inventions on Kickstarter.


Invented by architects Martin Angelov and MihailKlenov from Arizona, the light and compact Halfbike combines running and cycling in a fun and exciting way by using pedal power to transport riders around town while standing up.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in April, the Halfbike, features pedals like a bicycle that the user balances on leaning to either side, while holding on to a single waist-height handlebar in an upright stance.

The pedals are connected to a large front wheel by a chain that drives the Halfbike forward, while two smaller wheels at the back provide a stable base and a brake on the joystick-like handlebar is used to slow down.

Price: About £586, pre-order from Halfbikes


Montreal-based and new FounderFuel start-up Vanhawks impressed people so much with their unique invention; they successfully managed to raise more than they needed to finance the product.

It’s the first carbon fibre bicycle built for commuters that combines safety and comfort. It featuring the first sensor-driven blind spot detector and even charges on the move.

It connects with iOS, Android and Pebble through Bluetooth technology and features LED handlebar indicators giving riders turn-by-turn directions.

Choose between a single-speed, fixed gear or multi-speed.

Price: From £687, available from Vanhawks


Another one of the best bike inventions on Kickstarter is the ONDA Cycle invented by 17-year-old teenager Tyler Hadzicki from California who came up with the idea for a school science fair project.

A hit on Kickstarter back in May, the fundraising campaign received over £27,000 from 140 different backers in less than a month.

Featuring 3 Wheels, 2 Pedals,the ONDA is a fusion between a bicycle and a Big Wheel, so riders are lower to the ground and also have the ability to spin backward and forward, and the front wheel can be steered like a regular bike.

With a maximum rider weight of 180 pounds, the ONDA Cycle can reach a top speed of 21 mph in seconds.

Price: £205, available from


The Derringer Electric Bike is a two-wheeler designed to provide easy use, low maintenance, and great reliability, custom built to meet your specific requirements.

Powered by a rechargeable 63 Volt 12.5 Ahlithium-ion (Li-NMC) battery, the bikes come standard with gearless motors, which are incredibly reliable, quiet, smooth, and able to handle high current loads.

Although the funding was unsuccessful, The Derringer Electric Bike can be purchased online.

Price: About £2,053, check the website, Derringer Cycles.

The Jyrobike

Teach your child how to cycle in a afternoon with the Jyrobike, an auto-balancing bicycle powered by a rechargeable battery.

Developed by a team of engineers from Philadelphia, the product contains a patented control hub in the front wheel that uses gyroscopic technology to keep riders upright, even when they tip or wobble.

Aimed at 3-8 year olds who are learning to cycle, Jyrobike has launched a campaign on crowdfunding site Kickstarter to try and take the project beyond prototype stage.


Created by New Yorker Jeff Guida, the Shareroller is the first portable electric motor drive for bike share programs in US, Canada, and the UK that also works on your own bike or scooter.

Taking ten seconds to install, and weighing only 6-7lbs, use the shareroller’s 750 Watts of power to zoom up hills and sail through a breeze on a hot day without breaking a sweat or even pedalling.

Despite the campaign failing to generate funds, fans of the product can pre-order online.

Price: About £730, available from Shareroller.
Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the Double O has been hailed by its inventor Paul Cocksedge as a simple, safe, secure bike light providing visibility in the dark.
The Double O light attaches magnetically, charges up via USB and can also be threaded through your bike lock if required. Front (white) and rear (red) lights are available, and then snap together face-to-face when not in use.
Built from a polycarbonate shell with silicone backing, the Double O provides 2.1 hours of run time from a 1.5 hour charge, or 10 hours in economy mode.
Get ready to be blown away by the Revolights, which provides a functional headlight, brakelight and true 360º visibility in one fully-integrated, revolutionary design.

Revolights fully illuminate a cyclist’s path as well as road signs and obstacles, unlike traditional headlights, which focus light on a single location.

Consisting of four narrow rings of LEDs—two white and two red brackets, which can be easily mounted directly to the front and rear wheels of your bicycle, by using lithium-ion lightweight and rechargeable batteries.

Price: From £82, available at Revolights

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