Mascara is thought to be the most popular make up product used by women all over the world. So when cycling, it's best to wear robust, moisture proof mascara that won’t come off in the rain, smudge in the hot weather or run down your sweaty betty face.

We've had a good hunt around to bring you this list of five of the very best waterproof mascara's...

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Luxury cosmetic company Clarins's 'Truly Waterproof Mascara' is definitely worth every penny. With a 12-hour hold, the product itself contains bitter orange tree wax and squalane from olives, which prevents it from smudging and crumbling away whilst nourishing the lashes.

Just one small coat is enough to add natural volume and definition with it's thick brush and, is also available in electric blue, for anyone still rocking the 70's look.

Price: £21.00 available from Clarins.


With a slightly slimmer convex brush, the Lancome 'Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara' seems to have won the whole beauty community over, with reviews proving how great this product really is in the water resistant department.

The flake free and fluid fluid mascara stays soft on your lashes and doesn't smudge, no matter how active you are throughout the day.

Price: £22.50, available from Lancome. (Receive a free gift when you purchase from


Winning 'Best Waterproof Mascara' for Look Magazine means nothing unless its actually the real deal.

However the product really does stay put all day long, through adverse weather and powerful commutes, you can be confident when cycling whilst wearing the Clinique 'Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula'.

This one scored best points for also not being tested on animals and actually allows you to easily take it off, unlike many waterproof mascaras, with warm water doing the job well.

Price: £18.00, available from Clinique.


Bobbi Brown's 'No Smudge Mascara' really does what it says on the tin. It has the ability to be worn all day, and at the gym after work without smudging, leaving marks or clumping when it meets moisture, whilst also being incredibly easy to remove!

Its thick bristled brush means only one coat is really needed to avoid the common dagger lash look. It can also be applied lightly over the top of your other mascara's to make them waterproof.

Price: £19.50, available from Bobbi Brown.


Seen as one of the greatest mascara's of all time, the Benefit BADgal also comes in a handy waterproof version. With an instant quick drying finish, it's been praised for how well the product stays put even after intense physical exercise.

It doesn't smudge or make the lashes clumpy looking even after contact with moist conditions.

Price: £17.50, available from Benefit.

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