Picnic's for cyclists can be a bit of a pain as there's never enough room to carry everything you need. And then your faced with having to perch on a bench covered in prehistoric bird poo or pretend to act comfortable sitting upon the itchy, pollen filled grass because you forgot to bring a blanket to sit on. But no, there is another answer!

Springtime, a picnic basket that attaches nicely to your bicycle rack, holds a table for two, two chairs, and heaps of space for the picnic food essentials and a bottle or two.

Not available yet to purchase.


Now a picnic wouldn't be the same without a refreshing, bottled beverage to look forward to. The Road Popper, a bike mounted bottle opener, sits nicely hidden underneath your saddle, and is available in an array of stylish colours. Our favourite has to be the "matte antique bronze" to add a bit of bling to your rustic picnic.

Price: £30, available from Shapeways.

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