Give your little ones the power to brighten up the streets with these awesome colourful chalks! Designed to fit any child's bike wheel size, Chalktrail attaches to the back wheel of their bike and drags on the floor, leaving a line of colour whenever they move.

Watch them create endless colourful art, patterns and shapes for up to a mile and a half before the chalk runs out. And with it requiring no tools to install, the only problem you will have will be deciding which colour to get!

Price: £16.50, available from Velovitality.


Teach your kids some basic bike maintenance with this Allen Key Set from Frog Bikes to help them become self sufficient cyclists in the future.

Each of the tools has a different colour, which means you can teach them which one to know to use by remembering each of the vibrant shades.

Price: £10, available from Frog Bikes.

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