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Spokelit Led Spoke Light:

Now there are standard and often boring looking lights we're all used to having on our bikes, but for added visibility and a bit of fun, Spokelit Led Spoke Lights are guaranteed to get heads turning.

These nifty devices have two light modes, steady and continuous flash, which can be seen from far distances, are great for lateral vision and attach easily to the rim of your wheel in minutes- hooray no tools are needed!

With a long lasting battery life- 25 hours, the lights can handle the rain and are shock resistant to any lumps and bumps on your commute you may encounter. Having seen a fair few spoke light devices across the market, Spokelit are by far the cheapest and are available to purchase in blue, red, green and multicoloured.

Price: £5.50, available from Niteize.


Never let signalling on the roads at night be a problem again with these (not so stylish) cycle gloves from Doppelganger.

Giving you a whopping 70 hours of battery life, LED light devices are activated at the touch of a button, giving you the added visibility every cyclists needs.

The best part? The LED indicator strap can be easily removed and attached to your favourite pair of cycling gloves.

Available from Doppelganger.

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