Cycling kit and accessories can be a bit of a pain to store - there's not much point saving a hanger for every jersey or pair of shorts, but you don't want to sift through an indistinguishable pile of spandex every time you want to ride your bike.

We've hunted out some of the best storage solutions for lycra and all the bits and bobs that go with it - here we go..

clothing organiser

Hanging shoe racks, or clothes organisers like this one from Ikea can really help solve the problem when it comes to jerseys, shorts and more.

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Usually made from fabric, they're flexible, take up little space in your wardrobe, and multiple compartments mean you can separate kit by 'genre' - base layers, shorts, tights, jerseys and waterproofs each get their own little slot (until you're in a hurry and mess them all up!)

draw dividers

Arm warmers, leg warmers, mitts - these are the kind of items you always end up with just one of after a couple of months. The other one will no doubt be found under a mound of other accessories, once you've bought a new pair.

Not so with draw organizers. You can buy them for less than £10, but if you're feeling creative you could also try making some from cereal boxes, this How To got us feeling creative.

wall rail

We never knew there was such a thing as a stand alone wall rail until we saw one here.

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A couple of drill holes and you can attach this storage rail to any wall in your house, making a neat little area for your lycra that looks kind of cool if you kit is all in good nick.

You can pick one up from Ikea for just £4.50...


The bike shelf is mostly about the bike, but we really like the way it enables you to keep helmet and lock, multitool and maybe a pump, all in one place. This way you can rack your bike, and all your key cycling kit, at the same time - meaning everything stays together.

pallet wall

Pallet's are used to carry goods, usually from warehouse to warehouse, but we'd never considered them as furniture potential.

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We found this post on various different ways you can use pallets to make furniture - but we love the bike storage idea above. You could also screw in some hooks, allowing you to store helmets and accessories, and the slats would be perfect for shoes.

Image: Chris Meierling

shoe rack 2

Who knew there were so many different types of shoe rack?!

The style with little pockets is perfect for keeping all those little bits and bobs together - multi tools, locks, lights, gloves, cleats, they could all be tidied away without any hassle using one of these - again, less than a fiver, too.


The Ikea Expedit, now called the Kallax, has such a cult following there are even blogs to show you how you can make a feature of one in every room.

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The beauty is that the shelves can be organised in any configuration, with trays and draws dotted about as well. These are perfect for storing all the little bits that come along with being a cyclist - helmets, spare inner tubes, tools, and kit - all neatly stored and easy to find.


Who knew shower curtain rail rings could be so useful?

It turns out that you can thread them over a hanger and make yourself a perfect multi-bibshort holder, tyre holder, or repaired inner tube storing device - perfect!


If you want your storage solution to be bike themed itself, then a handlebar hanger could be right up your street.

Get one of these up, and you can use it for the bike itself, or dangle helmets, tyres, kit, or anything else you like from the bar...

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