Being outdoors is one of the greatest reasons we love to ride. When we're on our bikes we get to enjoy the view ahead from our own perspective, discover our own route and embrace the fresh air on our skin. There's nothing else quite like exercising outside.

However the result in cycling against the elements (especially during the winter months) can make you prone to the inevitable; annoying chapped lips, sore hands, cold muscles and mucky skin.

If you, like many of us all, experience this then take a peek at these brilliant beauty products for cyclists that will sort out these little hiccups in no time.


Price: £20.00, available from Rapha.

Rapha's Winter Embrocation is just what the doctor ordered. The powerful lotion is an great all rounder for cyclists looking to prepare their body before a long ride in cool weather conditions.

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The Vaseline like substance works to warm up your skin during a ride to keep you toasty, providing long lasting heat throughout. It has a lovely herbal scent and ingredients you're body will appreciate during the winter months (essential oils, shea butter, vitamin E and beeswax).


Price: £10.79 (RRP £11.79), available from Wiggle.

If you're one to complain about clothing chaffing, then this little magical stick is just for you. The Bodyglide Women's Skin Protection has been designed to protect female cyclists, runners and swimmers skin during exercise.

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Working wonders around the area of your bra, thighs and feet, it moisturises the parts of your skin that get worn down the most when you're active. What a great little product to take with you anywhere on-the-go!


Price: £2.99, available from Evans.

It's easy to forget to look after your lips during the winter as a cyclist but Secret Training Strip Lip Balm is the remedy to sore, chapped lips.

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The product sinks into your lips immediately, working to nourish and moisturise them with it's coconut and bee beeswax balm formula. It has been designed in mind for athletes and is a nifty product to have in your bag or jersey pocket, to keep you protected on shorter rides.


Price: £5.24 (RRP £6.99), available from Cycle Surgery.

Cyclists don't always have the time to freshen up in a bathroom when they need to and that's where the Muc-Off Dry Shower comes in handy.

Enabling you to shower on the move, the foam quickly sinks into your skin without any water needed, just a good rubbing in! Keeping you feeling and smelling as fresh as a daisy, it's pH balanced alcohol free formula is kind to sensitive skin.

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Perfect for when you've finishing fixing your chain, find yourself covered in mud, or want a quick freshen up after your commute!


Price: £15.29 (RRP £16.99), available from Wiggle.

Protecting the skin on your face is really important as a cyclist battling the elements through the tough winter months and Sportique Elements Cream has just the answer.

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The powerful cream creates a barrier on your skin both protecting and moisturising your face from hot, cold, wet and dry weather conditions. The cream's special Durvillea Antartica Extract means that the cream can also work as an antifreeze during the winter, helping to keep the chill off your face on a ride.


Price: £7.49, (RRP £9.99) available from Winstanley Bikes.

Dry hands are a common occurrence during winter riding but the Udderly Smooth Hand Cream will sort them out in no time.

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It's a light formula that leaves your hands feeling non-greasey, providing a gentle everyday moisture barrier for your hands. Although the product is specially developed to work it's wonders on chapped hands it can be used all over the body if needed and it suitable for all skin types.


Price: £14.99, available from PlanetX.

Every female cyclist needs to consider using chamois cream at some point, even if it just sits in the back of your beauty cupboard until needed. And the Hoo Ha's Ride Glide does the perfect job.

It has been chosen, used and loved by many female cyclists because it's been specifically developed for women's senstive areas, unlike many other sports chamois creams

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The product encourages skin healing, prevents chaffing and has many magical skin healing qualities (anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial) to ensure your skin gets back to shape in no time.


Price: £3.22, available from Amazon.

There's nothing like turning up to work looking and feeling like a sweaty mess and that's where wet wipes come to hand.

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The refreshing citrus Power Shower Wipes from Nathan Sports provide you with a quick cool down after your ride and are safe to use all over your body. They will get you instantly feeling fresh after a workout, no matter how hard you've trained.