recycle inner tube

We hate to admit it, but Christmas is just around the corner. As per usual we have Christmas present lists the length of our arms. While we love getting presents for our loved ones, we do start to dread the impact it will have on our wallets.

How to: Change an Inner Tube

The other day however, we happened to come across some pretty novel ways of transforming those old inner tubes that have one too many punctures into fun gifts for friends and family.

If you are a crafty individual you may be able to tackle all of the suggestions to follow. However, if like us, arts and crafts were never quite your thing, may we suggest you focus your attention on the slightly more basic items such as the coasters and bookmarks!

Do get in touch and let us know if you make any of these or have made any other fun things out of your old inner tubes!

recycle inner tube bracelet

Loom bands may be the hottest thing right now but they are nothing compared to these uber cute inner tube bracelets. Nothing says I love you quite like a friendship bracelet does it?!

recycle inner tube bookmark

Stuck for something to get your bike mad old man? Well why not personalise the gift of a book with your very own handmade inner tube bookmark to go with it? We love the eyelet detail used here - super simple yet really effective.

recycle inner tubes coat hook

Ok so we are upping the ante a little bit now but actually if you look closely this is not as complicated as it looks. And we have to say, we think the finished product is pretty awesome.

recycle inner tube earings

Buy the simple earring attachments and you could bang up a pair of these for every member of the cycling club without batting an eyelid. If you don't fancy getting involved in a factory line, maybe you could settle for making a single pair for a loved one!

recycle inner tubes coasters

We love these. And not just because they are bike related (although obviously that makes them even better). But genuinely we think these look so nice and will fit into almost any home.

Id it bad that those glasses of Whiskey are water bottles in our houses?!

recycle inner tube modern art

Ok so we admit that this particular option might be a risky play. After all, we are not sure this particular piece of 'modern art' will be to everyone's taste. It also requires a LOT of inner tubes to achieve the desired effect.

recycle inner tube magazine rack

If you are a dab hand with a piece of wood, a hammer and some nails then why not give this stylish magazine rack a go? We think it looks pretty darn nice and will no doubt earn you some brownie points with the recipient when you tell them you made it from scratch!

recycle inner tube fender

Spruce up a loved one's steed with some of these homemade mudguards. We have it on good authority that these are not too tricky to make but are very effective.

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