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Every new mum is different - some decide to stay off the bike during pregnancy, whilst others want to carry on riding. What you do is a completely personal choice.

Cycling while pregnant: Everything you need to know

If you do decide to carry on cycling, finding gear to fit your growing belly can be difficult, but there are some great options out there. We had a scout around, and pulled out some of our favourites...

maternity cycling shorts

We found a few women recommending these on various forums.

Suitable for during pregnancy, and afterwards, these shorts feature a double layer waistband that is 4" tall. The band is designed to be stretchy and supportive, with no inside seams so chafing shouldn't be a worry.

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A four way stretch lycra/nylon mix is used, so you should get a flattering look that's far away from sausage leg.

You can buy them here for $40 (£25), with free delivery to the UK.

maternity jersey

Proper cycling jerseys made to fit a bump are a little few and far between, but this brand makes up where others are lacking.

Sheila Moon stock a wide range of maternity jerseys in lots of different patters, but liked this Dory Mint option the most. It's available for $53.40, and can be shipped to the UK.

Made in San Francisco, it's got a 10" zipper, three large pockets, and has SPF 50+ protection, too. There are non-sleeved versions available, too - though these are probably designed for those enjoying the San Francisco climate!

fitta mum

Described as 'great for cycling' we were a bit disappointed that these shorts didn't have a chamois, but they do have a comfy looking roll up band to support your bump.

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The fabric is extra stretchy, and uses CoolDry technology to draw moisture away from your body, keeping you fresh.

These are currently on offer for £34.99 - check them out here.


Skirt Sports Founder Nicole DeBoom rode through her entire pregnancy. She writes in her helpful feature:

"The whole Maternity Cycling Clothing thing is a big deal. Shorts start to cut into bellies. Jerseys are stretched tight through the midsection. It gets a bit uncomfortable until you figure out the best styles for you. I have to say that Skirt Sports makes some products that I absolutely LOVE for pregnant cycling. My favorite is the Wonder Girl Dress, with a pair of Hollaback Shorts (worn under the belly). I also LOVE the Cruiser Bike Girl skirt primarily because of the incredibly forgiving, comfortable waistband."

The shorts and dress aren't available in the current season's offerings - but the idea still stands - we reviewed this Louis Gearneau cycling dress recently and were really impressed.

From Skirt Sports, we were able to find Cruiser Bike Girl skirt, which is still live and kicking here, and could be worn with padded shorts you already have.

fit mamma tp

This top isn't cycling specific, but it does claim to provide maximum support for boobs, back and bump whilst you exercise.

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The brand's most popular maternity fitness top, it works like a bra for your tummy. The support panels spread the weight of your bump to your back and shoulders, and there is a built in bra, too. It's designed to facilitate running, so should provide all you need for cycling.

Check it out here, for £49.99.


It's a little different, but this skirt could be worn over chamois shorts, which you can have sitting below the belly.

The crossover panel provides support, and is contoured to accommodate a growing bump, so could well become your go-to garment during your pregnancy.

The fabric offers four way stretch, and is moisture wicking, with antimicrobial treatment.

See it here, for $58 (£38).


Another handy alternative from Ingrid and Isabel is the 'Bellaband' - a tactic we've seen recommended online.

Designed to be worn with jeans, the band could indeed work with your cycling (waist) shorts, too, meaning you can keep wearing your favourite pair full term ...

If you are planning on riding through your pregnancy, and looking for advice, check out our top tips here.