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You can suffer from foot blisters if there is a friction between your shoes and feet which could also be as a result of excess moisture on your skin. Blisters are not serious ailments; they can be treated with bandages and antibiotic creams but they are annoying and uncomfortable.

Blisters can be very painful, especially if you don’t treat them with the right tools. If you find your blister to be stubborn, has red streaks, puffiness, pus or causes a fever, then schedule an appointment with your health care professional for a check-up. In the mean time, here are a few ways that a cyclist can get rid of blisters within few minutes:

Avoid shoes where possible that cause blisters

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You should stop wearing shoes that can give rise to a blister. Stop wearing uncomfortable shoes; instead, buy shoes that fit comfortably. Wearing the right shoes can prevent you from getting a blister in the future, say analysts.

Our simple shoe anatomy guide will help you find the right shoe for you

Of course though, breaking in a new pair of shoes can be uncomfortable until you bed them in nicely. When breaking in a new pair of disco slippers or trail shredding trainers, be sure to take some extra comfort measures.

Wear moisture-wicking socks


To be on the safe side, you can buy a pair of moisture-wicking socks. The benefits of this are multiple as they will cut back on other injuries and blisters as well as absorb sweat from your feet.

Chafing stick to get rid of blisters


Putting on bandages can reduce friction as well as protect your blister from getting irritated. You need to apply them the right way so that your blister can begin to heal.

Chafing stick promotes healing, protects it from debris, dirt, friction and also allows the blister to breathe. Blisters are not good for your health and they can cause infection but applying right remedies will yield a great result.

Treat your blister with castor oil or Vitamin E


Vitamin E is good for your skin; it has amazing skin repairing properties, prevents scarring and heals quickly. Applying Vitamin E oil or pill to your blistered skin is an excellent feet remedy.

Castor oil is one of the amazing toenail fungus remedies and you can treat your blister with castor oil by applying it before going to bed at night. To achieve a faster result, you can mix it with apple cider vinegar.

Massage your feet with Aloe Vera gel or any other petroleum jelly


Massaging your blistered feet with antibiotic ointment will prevent you from infection. You can purchase aloe vera gel or any of the approved petroleum jelly, and apply it to the affected area as directed, especially before you put on your socks or shoes.

However, before touching the blister, ensure you wash your hands thoroughly. Aloe Vera will help to reduce swelling and redness that cause pain. Being an anti-inflammatory, it is as effective as traditional medicines in healing various degrees of burns. This is why it is acclaimed as one of the effective feet remedies for blisters.

Soak your blister in green tea

green tea

Green tea aids healing, because it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Put the green tea into boiled water; let the brew cool before soaking your blister into it. Soaking your blister in green tea will help it to drain the fluid inside as well as soften up.

Cyclists can get rid of blisters within few minutes. Health experts discovered that blisters can be healed quickly if you leave them uncovered in a clean environment.

Also, when you are at home, you can remove bandages so that your blister can get some fresh air and dry up quicker. Applying thin layers of antibacterial ointment can prevent you from getting infected and also promote healing.

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