Smartphones tend to come and go out of our lives these days, because it's pretty inevitable that you will accidentally drop it (more than once). And let's face it, phones aren't made of the tough stuff are they?

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To save our worries and these annoying trips to the phone repair shop, companies have been creating strong, robust, unbreakable phone cases for cyclists. Made for active people who like to take their phones through the extreme, they can be taken up the mountain, in the rain and anywhere on your ride!

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We've found some total badass type of cases, suited for all budgets and most smartphone models...


Created for total adrenaline junkies, Lifedge offers you complete freedom to do whatever you want to do with your phone, without having to worry about its safety.

Their phone cases are water, snow, dirt and shock proof. You can climb with them, hike with them and pedal as fast as you like with them!

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So even when it inevitability falls out of your jersey pocket, the case shouldn't break at all. And they've all been built to exceed stringent Military Specifications, so there's no fibbing here!

Available for iPhones, £39+


Rugged and robust, for people who are always on the move, Griffin's Surviror collection is a great range of unbreakable phone cases for cyclists.

There are different cases depending on how much security for your phone you need, from all-terrain, slim (sleek layered protection) , core (sleek drop protection) and skin (durable + colourful drop protection).

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And if you, like us, are prone to a good phone drop every now and again then we would recommend you checking out the all-terrain case. This one's also been through some serious Military Specifications testing to ensure it's fully unbreakable.

Complete with a hefty four layers of protection, from shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame to shock-absorbing silicon, you can get this one in a multitude of funky colourways.

Available for iPhone and Android smartphones, from £20+.


Just when you thought phone cases couldn't get any tougher, Otterbox brought out the Defender Series. They've each been put through their paces to make sure they can protect your phone from any unwanted drops, dust and scratches.

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The robust and unbreakable phone cases for cyclists have a three layered protection system and built in screen protectors, with each case having been tailor made for the model of phone you have.

Available for iPhone and Adroid smartphones, 35+


Rockform specialise in protective mountable cases for smartphones. They have quite a few ranges for you to chose from, but there Aluminum series is the most badass phone case of them all...

Made from 061 T6 aluminum, each one of these cases has a high-tech, intimidating but modern style to them, with six-sided protection and high impact frames to put your mind at ease.

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Despite what you're probably thinking, they're also incredibly lightweight, coming in at 28g! And depending on which model you go for, there are quite a few interesting colour options you can chose from.

Available for iPhone and Android smartphones, £50+


The Seismik range from Lunatik boasts Patent-Pending Impact Truss Technology throughout their cases, in a translucent durable shell which has been constructed from a highly shock absorbing TPU material.

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The suspension frame of the highly durable phone case has been designed to meet Military Specifications, but unlike the rest of unbreakable phone cases for cyclists on this list, this one's a lot less bulky!

Available for iPhone and Adroid smartphones, £22+


The Tough Jacket smartcase range from Ballistic boasts impressive protection qualities, including reinforced corners that provide the ultimate protection against cracked screens caused from corner drops.

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With drop test certification and pocket protection, the strong phone case ensures your phone will live through the ages without even the slightest scratch.

Available for iPhone and Andriod uses, £22+