There is a shockingly large number of females that cycle without wearing a helmet, just so that they can have their hair how they want, without it getting spoiled throughout their journey.

But in fact, there are plenty of helmet friendly hairstyles that you can create which we've tested out ourselves on the bike, here are few you can try out: Half Up Hair Twist, Side Twist Bun and Plait Buns.

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And we've searched far and wide to highlight a great selection of hairstyle friendly helmets, complete with ponytail hairports, so females don't have to put their safety on the line.


Specialized are one of the main brands creating helmets complete with ponytail hairports. The Aspire, is a great priced road cycling helmet which features a hefty 27 air vents, a 4th dimension cooling system and moisture-wicking pads to keep the sweat at bay on your commute.

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The Aspire is incredibly comfortable to wear and has a compact sleek design, available in three different funky colourways.

Price: £50.00, available from Evans.


The elegant Monroe, from Lazer's new women's specific helmet line, may be a little more pricey, but it features some very handy qualities for cyclists.

Hairstyles for Helmets: The Half-Up Hair Twist

The super light helmet (280g), complete with 24 cooling vents, has been built with reflective rear panels to give you added visibility when riding in the night. The helmet includes Lazer's very own award winning fit system, which removes the retention system at the back, giving plenty of room for your ponytail.

Price: £71.98 (RRP £79.99), available from Koo Bikes.


Rad Kappe have made a super sleek, stylish little number here, that definitely stands out from most helmets on the streets. It has a lovely lightweight design (260g) and can be purchased in two different summery pastel colours.

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With the back being much higher at the back, cyclists are able to easily create hairstyles which will keep intact throughout their ride. The nifty slight peak at the front of the helmet will help to prevent your face from getting wet in the rain, but watch out, there aren't any air vents in this one, so you might get a little stuffy on your commute!

Price: £56.00, available from AllThatIWant.


The Bern Melrose is one tough cookie, made for urban cyclists, featuring an eye-catching, vibrant design with a higher cut at the back to accommodate your hairstyle!

Hairstyles for Helmets: Half-Up Hair Tuck

Complete with a generous 16 air vents and lined with a moisture control pad, the sweat will be wicked away before you even notice. Although it's quite heavier than the rest (331g), it's still the lightest within the whole of the Bern women's helmet range.

Price: £79.99, available from Evans Cycles.