We love bringing our passion for cycling into the home with quirky fun decorations and accessories.

There's nothing quite like giving it your all on the bike. A tough power session on two wheels is rewarding in itself, but what's more rewarding is a nice hot shower to soothe those muscles afterwards.

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With that in mind, we were pretty excited to find out the post-ride shower can even be celebrated in bike-themed-glory thanks to a selection of homeware designers who seem to understand our passions.

We've rounded up a selection of awesome bicycle inspired shower curtains, to spruce up your bathroom

Bicycle Brown Poster Curtain

Bicycle Brown

This bicycle shower curtain is one for the dirt loving riders who get caked in mud, and splatter the shower with it afterwards.

This curtain is made from 100% polyester and has 12 loops at the top for easy hanging around your shower. The curtain measures 71" wide and 74" tall.

Available here for £46

Society 6 Curtain

shower curtain

This fun vintage bicycle design is one for the adventure cyclists who love to explore and rack up those miles.

Designed and printed in the USA, this curtain features 12 button hole at the top for easy hanging. Dimensions: 71" x 74".

Available here for £46

Bicycle Pattern


The softened polyester material is perfect for your shower. With its high quality print of all models and variety of bicycles, this shower curtain measures 69"x70"

Available here for £39

Scattered Print Curtain

amazon curtai

A random scatter of lovely bicycles will liven up your bathroom, and remind you of why you love cycling each time you shower.

High quality ink is used for the cycling inspired shower curtain to ensure durability after many recovery showers.

Available here for £19

Don't let the bike ride end at the front door. Get a bicycle shower curtain so you can keep the riding buzz throughout your essential recovery down time.

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