Some of us love cycling so much, that we don't want to contain our passion for two wheels in the garage.

At TWC we celebrate bikes in all shapes and forms, and that's why we've compiled our top 20 ideas you can buy or make to bring your bike life into the home...


Bike chains are brilliant for making fun ornaments, as well as functional coat hooks. Perfect for hanging your riding wear.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.50.07

This elegant bike stand is a dream for most of us - check out the various designs at CycleHoop.


We love this kitchen wheel hanger, such a great idea for stylish storage.


Don't have a bike stand? Here's a brilliant reclaimed alternative if you fancy getting some DIY in!


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This is our dream bike room! Organised and minimal in space.

Bike Storage: CLUG Gave Me My Spare Room Back


More fab bike chain creations with this bottle rack.

Tips To Kill A Hangover So You Don't Miss A Ride

boxer-gifts-bike-mug (1)

There are so many great cycling themed mugs out there - but we do love this one from Boxer Gifts.


We love this elegant wooden bike stand.


Nothing like decorative cycling cushions to spruce up the place and keep your bike near your heart - check out the best bicycle cushions we could find here.


These bicycle pizza cutters are too cute to not include. Such a fun kitchen utensil for the much needed post-ride pizza session. Park Tool do a great one for under £15.


This has to be one of our favourites. This lamp would look at great in any cyclists home, using the pedal to adjust the height of the lamp-head.


Beautiful little tea-light holders made from... yep, bike chains! Is there anything you can't make with chains?


This clock will make sure you can never forget your planned bike ride!


Who would have thought that a bike looks so natural in the bathroom?


This cassette clock is great and slightly retro. Either way, we love it!


We didn't think a crank would make for a good loo roll holder, but it totally works!


For the kitchen, the games room or even the office. An air-sprung MTB fork works great for a stool

saddle hangers

This wall of "saddle bars" is our favourite of the list. They look great, stylish and useful to hang up everything from your bike, to your helmet. Here's a guide to making your own.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 13.01.51

Ok - so we're not saying you should put three sugars in every cup of tea or coffee - but this cute sugar pot might tempt us to dip into the sweet stuff more often!

These are just a few ideas to show you how you can bring your love for cycling into the home by creating some space efficient bike areas, recycling old parts and even making your own decorations. There's plenty more out there - do you have any favourites we've missed?