Cycling isn't just something humans can enjoy - pets like to get in on the act, too! There's a surprising number of cyclists that like to take their furry friends with them on the bike - here are just a few...

josh and dog

Joshua Sivarajah, 34, cycled 2,500 miles around the UK with his pet dog, Nero.


Thomas Vles transported cats Cheesy and Mushi 300 miles from Amstardam at London to launch 'Poopy Cat'. It's ok, we explained it all here...


Rachel Atherton's trail dog Angus Atheron goes everywhere with her.

(No, really - we've got evidence)


Meet Didga, whose owner is a professional cat trainer - he likes to ride around in the basket, or on the shoulders - anywhere really (as long as he doesn't have to pedal)

cycling dog

Kira Purlyte have ridden 6,000 of 10,000 miles along the Pan-American Highway with her partner, Sven, and most importantly, her dog Tulku.

Talku fell ill along the way, but the couple have now raised enough money for cataract treatment and are winging their way to the final 4,000km.


Marianne Vos travels to races with her cat, Sjekki - here he is in action...


Igel and Paola Zimmermann travelled for eleven years with their dogs, Rambo and Caramba. You can see their story here (but you might need Google Translate to help you).


Oscar is riding 5,000 miles around the UK coast with his mum, Maggie, who is 65.

There are more adorable pictures of him here...


MJ rides around Philadelphia on Rudi's shoulders, like, all the time... (or maybe only for the camera)...


Kathy Schubert rode with dog Joey for many years and they made a lot of headlines!

Sadly Joey passed away in 2009 but there's an exceptional collection of pictures from their journey here...

zoa fin

In 2008, Zoa and Fin sold everything they owned to start a new life as 'cycling gypsies' with dogs Jack and Paco. They've documented their travels here.


Most of the cats and dogs here are being powered by humans - but Norman is quite different...


Richard and rescue dog Marcel out in Colorado with the doggy backpack - check out more of their tails (oh dear) here...


Actress Famke Janssen in New York City - plenty of space for that little doggy in the front, right? Not always, sometimes he has to walk...

Would you go riding with your pet?

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