family cycle

Do you live with another cyclist? Or are you part of a full on pack of cyclists? If so, you might recognise a few of these...


One person with a couple of bikes struggles a little with storage, but collect a couple of cyclists in one house and the problem is multiplied by the number of residents... Buying a new bike suddenly becomes more an issue of logistics than cash (you're due a new Cycle to Work voucher anyway).

foam roller

In most homes, rolling around on the floor, making noises that sound a bit like the utterances of a dying seal, might seem a bit bizarre. Especially when you choose to do it whilst Eastenders is on.

In a cycling home, it's understood that you're 'breaking down small myofascial adhesions’, increasing blood flow, and lengthening shortened muscles with a foam roller.

Healthy Pasta

Homes with >1 cyclist generally see a high turn over of food. Shopping bills are huge, and sometimes the person at the checkout assumes you're having a party (not ever joking, that totally happened once).

Recipe: Baked Pasta Bites

Brooks Saddles

Most cyclists go through a few saddles before they find 'the one'. They're not cheap, so you tend to hang onto them "just in case" (just in case... your hips change shape?!) - which is good news for any of your mates who want to test out a new perch...

How To: Choose the Perfect Saddle


The previous page applies to stems - every so often you decide to mess with your bike fit, buy a new stem and keep the old one. A couple of you in one household, and that adds up to what looks like a warehouse collection...

Common Cycling Niggles and Bike Fit Fixes

commuter lights

Most cyclists have a set of lights, a pump, a lock, a packable waterproof. Though one resident's lights might be higher spec or in better condition, there's usually someone who sees all 'essentials' as interchangeable. It's usually the person most likely to have lost their own.


I never realised so many people struggled with the issue of bidon storage until I found this company creating solutions...

Of course, if you've not gone the whole hog and got a storage device, you probably just get hit on the head with a falling bottle every time you open the cupboard.

tyre marks

It doesn't matter how hard you try to be careful, you somehow always manage to get a little smudge here or there...

Image from Singletrack Forum - "How to Remove Tyre Marks from Wall" (so it's not just us...)

goal calendar

The conversation goes a bit like this:

Rider 1: "Let's go to visit *insert friend or place* one weekend"

Rider 2: "Sound's awesome... when's good?"

Rider 1: "Well, I've signed up to an event every weekend until mid August, but how about 15th?"

Rider 2: "No can do - I'm riding the King of the Grizzelydales... 22nd August?"

Rider 1: "Ah, shoot - that's when I'm riding the Etape du Misery..."

Rider 2: "Maybe a Christmas trip..."

Rider 1: "Any day but Boxing day, that's the club Mince Pie run..."


Along with shouting out the door "hey, have you seen the lube? I'm sure the last place I saw it was in the porch..."

7 of the Best Bicycle Chain Lubes

Young Couple Cycling In Countryside

Sharing your home with a fellow cyclist means you're always sorted for a ride buddy or ride buddies - even when the rest of the world thinks you're all insane for going out in the rain...

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