Just a few years ago, someone told us that taking up cycling was a good idea.

Since then, bicycles and all things two wheeled have taken over our lives. Road, mountain, track, cyclocross - we've dabbled in it all, and can never go back.

After decades of abuse, most cyclists will tell you it was a terrible idea. Here's why...

You’ll spend so many days enjoying the sun in lycra that you’ll get awful tan lines (well, in summer!)

tan lines

Sure, all the sun will fill up your vitamin D stores and make you happier as well as healthier, but who wants ugly lines?

When it rains you’ll get wet and muddy


Admittedly this will give you amazing stories to share and a feeling of supreme badassness, but no one likes frizzy hair, do they?

You’ll need to learn to navigate and basic mechanical skills


These might make you a more self-sufficient, confident person, but what an inconvenience to have to spend time messing around with greasy tools.

You’ll find you’re suddenly always eating – yet you just aren’t gaining weight


Seriously, how many slices of cake does a girl have to eat before she can gain a new pounds? (Answer: the number of calories you're burning, plus some)

You won't care about make up, but sock length will suddenly become all important

Women's Souplesse Socks

You learnt to apply lip gloss and mascara for school discos, and suddenly now you just don't feel the need to slap on the cover up anymore. But be warned, if you find yourself a slave to the Velominati rules, you may spend more time getting ready to go out on the bike than you would for a night out...

You'll be blocking out way more 'me time' in your diary for bike riding

park ride summer weather

Where once you considered a 30 minute cappuccino and a flick through a magazine 'me time' to recharge your batteries, now you need a good two hours to get a proper ride in.

You'll suddenly have a huge social group to dedicate time to

Ride like a girl mtb camp mountain biking girls fun

You've got all these new friends, sure - but you're constantly having to make emergency trips to Clintons for Birthday cards...

You'll spend less time listening to Kisstory in the car...

morning traffic city urban sun

You used to love that show! Now you commute to work by bike, the journey is quicker - but much less musical.

You'll have to deal with all your awestruck non-cycling friends and family


You tell them you rode to across a couple of counties last weekend, and it's like you've just admitted total insanity, but they're also impressed at your growing fitness levels

You'll push yourself to the edge of physical boundaries

Team MuleBar Girl -Image by Dawn Fry.

Maybe doing so will make you realise your boundaries go further than you thought - in all aspects of life - but still, breathing hard hurts, right?

You'll discover a confidence you never knew you had


We give up - go ride a bike, it'll probably be the best decision you ever made.

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