Little angry girl looks straight into your eyes

We cyclists don't always mean exactly what we say. Here are just a few examples of comments we've heard made whilst out riding, which translated from 'cyclist speak' meant something quite different...

Marianne Vos and Lizzie Armitstead

Actually means: I've been training twice a day, 7 days a week. I'm half way to being the next Marianne Vos.

rear wheel

Actually means: Please slow down! You’re killing me!


Actually means: Oh, helllooo there fine gentleman. Please take a second to observe the fact I’m overtaking you. Mwhahaha.

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Actually means: Please be nice to me, I’m not feeling great. But once we get going I might well change my mind and channel my inner turmoil to destroy you.

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cycling injury pain

Actually means: I’m well rested – just you wait…


Actually means: Tell me ALL YOUR SECRETS.

NY diet

Actually means: I’ve been following a rigorous diet and exercise plan. My body fat percentage is now lower than that of my pet Greyhound.

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Actually means: No wonder you're riding faster than me, I’m handicapped, in fact, if we swapped bikes I bet I’d be faster.


Actually means: I freaked out at the sight of the hill ahead and changed gears too quickly. Lets stop and have a little breather.

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easy ride walking

Actually means: The race is actually in 4 weeks time, but I don’t feel like riding fast today.

commuter rain wet weather umbrella safety waterproof

Actually means: I’m not tough enough for hard turbo trainer workouts

(Rule #9: If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period.)

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Actually means: I don’t like the puddles.

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Aoife MTB crash

Actually means: I’m a liability – best avoid riding on my wheel.


Actually means: I never take any risks ever.

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trek bikes women road racing club hill climbing

Actually means: Sorry, I’m not riding up the hill with you – but I’ll stand shivering at the top making a big deal about how kind I am to wait for you.

Little angry girl looks straight into your eyes

Actually means: Next time, I am putting rocks in your saddle bag and water in your tyres.

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