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Choosing a bike for your child is quite different from choosing a bike for yourself. Your little girl will no doubt care about little other than the colour and style. There a couple of other things to consider though. First up is the weight - a heavy bike is no fun to lug around. The second is brake reach and responsiveness and the third is reliability.

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Taking all of this into consideration we've found ten beautiful girls bikes that will ensure both mummy and daughter are happy.

Girls Bikes_0009_apollo-cherry-lane

Suitable for 5-7 year olds, the Apollo Cherry Lane girls bike is both pretty and functional. The retro front basket is handy for shopping trips and cycling to school and the full chain guard protects clothes and little fingers. Available from Halfords, this bike comes with a free 6-week first service and a matching bell, water bottle, helmet and pair of mitts are also available for little girls that love to coordinate.

Girls Bikes_0008_bobbin-bonbon-pink-2014

Perfect for mini-me daughters, the Bobbin BonBon is new for 2014 and looks just like an adult Bobbin but is designed to fit 9-13 year olds. The classic design will appeal to all young girls and it is available in a choice of gloss black, sky blue and pale rose. The step-through frame makes for easy mounting and dismounting and the six gears mean it is easy to ride both up and downhill. The BonBon comes with a front wicker basket and a rear carrier as standard so this bike is also great for school commutes as well as leisurely cycles. It can be bought online from Wiggle.

Girls Bikes_0007_butler

This bright pink girl's bike is great for off-road cycling as well as cycling down the road to school. The knobbly tyres provide extra grip and the steel frame is sturdy and durable, so this Claud Butler Blossom can withstand a few tumbles. Suitable for 7-9 year olds it also comes with a chain guard to protect your child's clothing and is available from Tredz.

Girls Bikes_0003_scott-contessa-jr-24-2014-kids-bike

Pricy but incredibly pretty, the Scott Contessa Jr 24 is the most expensive bike featured here but also one of the sleekest. Designed for the little girl that loves to ride, this bike can handle a variety of terrains and will stand the test of time. Available to purchase from Evans Cycles, it features 18 Shimano gears and comes with a water bottle holder necessary for those long family bike rides this summer.

Girls Bikes_0006_dawes-lil-duchess-girls-20-2013-bike

Designed to match mum's Duchess Heritage bike, the Dawes Li'l Duchess Girls bike is available with 20" wheels in pink or with 24" wheels in orange. Its step-through frame and wicker basket make it a great choice for leisurely rides and the mudguards and chain guard will keep your daughter's clothes looking as crisp and pretty post-ride as they did when you set out. Available from Evans Cycles.

Girls Bikes_0005_ghost

The Ghost Powerkiddy 12" girls bike looks just like a real bike but on closer look you will see that it doesn't have any wheels. The Powerkiddy is a balance bike - an ideal first bike for young girls learning to ride. With this bike your daughter will be able to get to grips with balancing and steering before they have the added task of learning how to pedal. Available from Chain Reaction Cycles in a pretty purple and pink colour scheme, this is the bike to get for your novice rider who wants a bike that looks like her big sister's.

Girls Bikes_0004_pendleton

An unbeatable bike for young Victoria Pendleton wannabes, the Pendleton Junior Littleton bike is designed to look like the bicycle Victoria wished she could have had when she was younger. It's a comfy to ride, single-speed bike with a step-through frame and upright cycling position; all of which make it as ladylike a young girls' bike as you can get. To complete the look, the Pendleton comes with a polka dot basket, chain guard and mudguards and a matching helmet is also available at an extra cost. You can buy this bike from Halfords.

Girls Bikes_0002_scott-contessa-walker-2013-kids-bike

Another pedal-free bike that looks like a normal kids bike, the Scott Contessa Walker is a great first bike for little girls that love pink. Available from Evans Cycles.

Girls Bikes_0001_specialized

An ideal choice for girls that like to look pretty on road but also head off-road occasionally, the Specialized Hotrock features knobbly roller tyres for both gripping well on dirt tracks and smoothly rolling over pavements. Available from Tredz in a choice of pink or white and purple, it has six gears to suit a variety of gradients and terrains and the low stand-over height make it easy to get on and off.

Girls Bikes_0000_STARZ-20_-RALEIGH-KIDS-2014

A highly recommended product in a gorgeous pink and green colour scheme, the Raleigh Starz bike is suitable for 7-10 year olds. Available to purchase from Wiggle, this bike boasts all of the safety features you would expect from a Raleigh including non-slip pedals to avoid accidents in the rain and easy to change 6-speed Shimano gears. It also comes with a kickstand so that your little girl can prop her bike up when she's not using it to avoid scratching the paintwork.

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