inner tube dresses style fashion

Crazy, strange, unusual – it turns out you can make a lot of random things from bicycle parts.

From broken chains to bicycle inner tubes, a bit of creative thinking can transform them into everything from light-shades to armour. Yes, armour. Are these madness or genius? You decide.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Carry-Less Tools

bicycle spinning wheel

Get crafty with your old bike parts - spin your own yarn with this spinning wheel made from an old bike wheel!

Available from Heavenly Handspinning on Etsy.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Game Changing Bike Locks?

bike chair

The 'Stuffed' chair by designer Andy Gregg of Bike Furniture Design is so-called because of the phenomenon of head on bike collisions which result in the frame becoming compacted or 'stuffed'.

Perfect for sitting in while reading your fave bike mags!

Cool Bike Gadgets: Rainy Riding

bike art dog sculptures

We LOVE these cute sculptures by artist Nirit Levav. They're made from old broken bike chains. You should also check out her tortoise sculpture made from old gear cogs. So cool!

Cool Bike Gadgets: Unusual Cover Ups

bike chandelier

Check out this beautiful lampshade made from chain rings and gears. This Bike Chandelier is a public art project by artists Jo O'Connell and Blessing Hancock.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Life-Saver Saddles

bicycle parts lampshade

Okay, this lamp isn't actually made from bike parts - instead it's made BY a bike. The wheels turn a mould which contains a natural resin as you ride, creating the curved shape of the shade.

We think it's rather lovely. It's the brainchild of product design student Mark Colliass.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Brighten up your Ride

inner tube dresses style fashion

These striking dresses wouldn't look amiss on the red carpet.

Surprisingly, they are made with recycled bicycle inner tubes by designer Ruthie Waddy. Something to keep your old tubes for if you have a party coming up maybe?

Cool Bike Gadgets: Portable Music Devices

bike wheel art wall

How's this for a idea for a wall or trellis in your garden? Grab a load of old wheels, pop them together in a frame and hey presto! You'll be the envy of your neighbours.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Nifty Storage Solutions for the Bike

bicycle whip

*Blush* Something a little kinky for this one - a mini whip made out of inner tubes! Useful for disciplining the naughty cyclist in your life. Available from the Recycled Bicycle on Etsy.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Customisation and the Bike

bike elevator

Ethan Schlussler built himself a new treehouse, but was fed up of climbing up to it all the time. So he built himself a bike elevator to go with it.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Colour for the Kids

bike armour

This puts our fancy dress outfits to shame. This incredible suit of amour is constructed entirely from bicycle inner tubes by artist Grace Duval.

Cool Bike Gadgets: The Green Cyclist