We understand the desire to look and feel great both on and off the bike, with our kits matching our bikes, and everything else bike related.

Cycling accessories for the home, and for our wardrobe, enable us to proudly represent our cyclo-holic side in every day life.

We've rounded up some of our favourite internet finds which we think deserve a place around your neck.

White Stuff Bicycle Print Scarf

White stuff scarf

This scarf has a simple repeat bicycle pattern on a lovely merino wool material.

The contrasting grey colours make this a perfect accessory to any outfit. Either wear it hanging, or tie in a knot.

Available here for £22

Handmade Infinity Scarf

Etsy infinity scarf

If you're not one for tying knots in your scarf, then this lovely infinity scarf is perfect for you. A continious loop to wrap up in.

Handmade in the US from a soft rayon material has the scarf measuring 68" x 40". An ideal gift for a friend, or just for yourself.

Available here for £12

Women's Bicycle Print Scarf

ebay scarf

This cute and cheap scarf from eBay is the perfect final touch for your casual wear. It's available in 4 colours: off-white, coral, light grey, burgundy.

It's lengthy 170cm of viscose fabric allows it to wrapped and tied in a multiple of ways, depending on the weather.

Available here for £6

Lisa Angel: Bicycle Print Scarf

lisa angel scarf

We love this vintage style scarf with its blue and white retro bicycle pattern.

Made of a lightweight silk material, this scarf is perfect for the summer months

Aailable here for £17

Goldkid Bicycle Scarf


A lovely viscose scarf with a magenta printed bicycle design measures 175cm x 100cm making is great for a variety of wraps and ties.

Available here for £8

Black and White Print Scarf


Another soft viscose printed scarf to adorned your shoulders this summer. This black on white print will compliment any outfit.

Available here for £12

Accessorize Bicycle Scarf

accessorize bike scarf

Printed with a variety of vintage bicycles, this lightweight scarf is retro inspired and it looks great for any occasion.

Available here for £6

Warhol Inspired Bike Scarf

warhol scarf

This brightly coloured Warhol inspired scarf is made from handwoven silk, with a vibrant design of neon bicycles.

Whether its for a gala, function or just casual, you'll be sure to get noticed with this eye-catching garment.

Available here for £85

Pashmina Bicycle Scarf

pashmina scarf

This beautifully handmade scarf is woven from soft pashmina fabric.

The design sits on one end of the 74"scarf as three bicycles varying in size. 3" tassels hang from both ends and can be easily wrapped and tied a number of comfortable and warm ways.

Available here for £32

Monkey Bicycle Scarf

monkey scarf

This fun and quirky bicycle design is great for those lighthearted cyclists.

Printed on a cotton tri-blend material, this scarf is available in three colours: coffee, blue and grey. The garment measures 230cm x 40cm, which is the longest scarf of our round up.

Available here for £13