If you live in a small house or apartment, or simply have a lot of bikes, it can be difficult to find somewhere to store your bike without it clogging up the hallway or taking over your bedroom.

Thankfully there is a whole host of space-saving solutions on the market designed to rid you of just this problem. Here is a list of ten of the best possibilities, varying in price to ensure there is something to suit every budget.

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Ideal for long corridors and entranceways, the FWE Single Bike Storage Hook can be mounted easily onto any wall. Once installed, bikes should be hung by the wheel so they lie vertically down the wall.

With this strong and sturdy hook, all types of bike can be kept off of the ground to maximise space.

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A Single Bike Display Stand allows you to keep your bike upright for easy access without having to lean it against a wall and risk damaging paintwork.

The display stand has adjustable settings enabling it to securely hold a range of tyre widths from 25-125mm. It is also on wheels for easy movement.

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Providing your ceiling is high enough and strong enough, the Gear Up Up-and-Away Hoist System is a fantastic way of keeping your bike out of site without having to lift it up yourself.

The hoist is operated by a two-rope pulley system which ensures that the bike stays level throughout the hoisting process.

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Designed primarily as a tool to support your bike whilst the drivetrain or brakes are adjusted, the Topeak FlashStand can also double up as a handy storage solution.

Its tiny size makes it easy to transport around and its stability ensures that your bike will stay upright wherever you leave it.

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A his and hers storage solution, the Gear Up Off-the-Wall 2 Bike Vertical Rack mounts directly onto the wall and can hold two bikes.

Made from heavy duty steel, it’s strong enough to hold all types of bikes and even comes with a removable basket perfect for keeping your cycling accessories in.

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If lifting your bike up onto a rack to keep it out of the way seems like hard work, the Saris Locking Bike Track is probably for you.

It can be mounted onto any vertical surface including walls, posts and pillars and is suitable for any bike type. Simply wheel your bike up the track for it to lock in place at the top, creating hassle-free storage.

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Great for garages and entrance ways, the Gear Up Platinum Steel 2 Bike Freestanding Rack features soft foam padded inserts to protect the bike frame.

It can hold two bikes as standard but a conversion kit can also be purchased for an additional £26.99 enabling it to hold four bikes.

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A stylish bike rack, the Gear Up Oakrak Floor-to-Ceiling Bike Rack is the perfect solution for storing classic road and commuter bikes but can be used to store any variation of bicycle too. It holds two bikes as standard but for an extra £24.99 it can be upgraded to hold four bikes. Made from American red Oak, this isn't a bike rack to be kept hidden away.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Customisation and the Bike


Adjustable to hold between one and four bikes, the Saris Cycle Glide Ceiling Mount Storage Rack is ideal for garages with high ceilings. Easily mounted onto the ceiling, bikes of all sizes can be hung up by their wheels.

Best for lighter bikes as you will need to be able to lift the bike above your head to hook it onto the ceiling mount.

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The ideal bike storage solution for anyone with a garden, the Asgard Access Bike Store is available in brown, green and cream and can hold up to four adult bikes. It is weather resistant and has a special ventilation system to prevent condensation from building up on the bikes. It is also completely secure from break-ins thanks to the multi-lock system.

If you’ve worked out which storage solution works for you and now just need a bike to go with it, click here for some inspiration.

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