It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been riding, there are some mistakes that many of us just keep on making – and we kick ourselves every time we do, after all we should know better right?!

Here are 10 mistakes that everyone is guilty of at some point in their cycling career.


This has to be the most common mistake among women putting on a pair of padded shorts for the first time. I think the thought of going commando kind of grosses some of us out at first.

Ask the expert: Why don't you wear underwear underneath padded shorts

But my how quickly that mindset shifts once you feel that soft chamios next to skin for the first time!

How to avoid saddle sores


We happen to think the chainring tatt is pretty badass. That is until we are furiously try to scrub it off in the shower post ride.

We know to keep our legs away from our greasy chainrings but it's like a bee to honey.

shimano trail pedals 99.99 ed

Ah the sharp shock of miss-judging the position of your pedal instead connecting the most sensitive part of your ankle with the pedal.

Is it just us or does this happen with scary regularity every time we head off road?

Oh well, we happen to think black and blue ankles are far sexier than plain old skin coloured ones!


This one is painful enough that you'll never forget to grease your pedals or over-tighten them EVER again!

How to: change your pedals

Using every ounce of your brute force is required to loosen the darn pedals, but just as you feel them start to loosen, after a split second of glory, your hand is shunted forward, full force straight into the chainring - OUCH!

Eating on the bike_Nutrition

Getting your food intake just right is key, but it can be a tricky balance to strike. Too full and you spend your ride slumped over your handlebars wishing you were on your couch with a warm blanket, too little and you'll bonk like you've never bonked before. While we know it's all about sticking to the routine that suits you, sometimes we still fail to get to just right.

Check out this post for more advice on riding nutrition


This one always seems to happen when nobody else is around and your phone is dead. Seriously there is nothing more annoying than getting a flat, whipping out your kit only to realise your pump is sitting on the hall table.


You've heard all about the benefits of a bike fit, but it's one of those things you haven't got around to doing yet. And boy does your body hate you for it as you push that familiar back ache to the back of your mind every time you head out on a long ride, promising to book in a bike fit... next week.

Here’s more info on some of the bike fit considerations specific to women.

Going clipless is easier with pedals that have a standard side too.

It’s happened to everyone, at some point. Mostly clip in errors happen to riders who are new to clipless pedals – they’re still teaching their brains to accept that stopping means unclipping. This pattern will eventually become as simple as pedalling to move forward, and braking to stop – but it will take time and practice.

How to master clipless pedals

The second form of clipped in crash is much more mortifying – because it happens to the rider who is a seasoned clipless user. It can occur at any time – perhaps you’ve got new cleats that aren’t quite bedded in, or you’ve been distracted, or you’ve just tried to trackstand for 3 seconds more than your ability level at the lights. It all ends in a clatter, a very red face. It’s fine, if no one saw, you can pretend it didn’t happen.

tan line cycling

If you ride a bike in summer, you've just got to accept that sexy tan lines in the shape of shorts and a jersey are par for the course. In fact we embrace them.

However, what's not so sexy is when you end up forgetting the sunscreen pre-ride, those kind of raw tan-lines we could do without!

Got any of your own mistakes? Tell us in the comments!