face sun creams for cycling for sensitive skin

Wearing suncream while on the bike is vital. Even if the sun appears not to be shining you are exposing your skin to the elements which can in turn cause premature ageing, sun spots and at worst skin cancer.

But finding a suncream for your face can be a tricky task. You need something that will not irritate sensitive skin, is highly sweat proof and of course has both UVA and UVB protection. Another bonus is if you can throw the cream into a jersey pockets for top-ups throughout the day.

We rounded up TWC's favourite face suncreams for the bike - all budgets and skin types catered for.

clinique city blocker suncream for cyclists

This sheer lightweight cream protects your skin from everything from the sun to pollution. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types and is light enough to be worn as a primer under make up every day.

Price: £18

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Equipped with SPF50 Ultrasun's Radiance Protection sun cream is super light weight, sweat proof and acts as an anti-aging cream at the same time.

Price: £30

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nutrogena pure and free sunscream

The downside of the Nutrogena Pure and Free baby are that it can be darn hard to rub in, living a slightly ghostly appearance. But if you have sensitive skin that does not take the sun well then it is well worth a chance.

This cream is oil free and water resistant and once on will not budge for the entire day no matter how strenuous your ride.

Price: £11.79

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This cream is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It is super light, quickly absorbed and deals well with hot,, sweaty conditions. It also includes extracts of jasmine and vanilla so it also smells divine!

Price: £28.50

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If like me you suffer from breakouts, the thought of putting a greasy cream on your face that might aggravate those pesky spots further will fill you with fear. However this offering from Dermalogica is at the rescue.

This SPF30 comes with the added benefit of being part of the brand's 'medi-bac' product range which helps to fight breakouts, instead of aggravate them. It is also perfect for sensitive skin and has proved to be pretty sweat proof too.

Price: £38

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La Roche Posay is known for its range of skincare for senstive skin. This particular choice is super light, easily absorbed, water resistant, offers a high level of protection and is very unlikely to cause irritation to even the most sensitive of skin.

Price: £16.50

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coppertone sunny days face lotion

Coppertone Clearly Sheer for Sunny Days is an oil free lotion that promises not to clog pores. It also has a matte finish which will be appealing to those who tend to suffer breakouts. It is also highly water resistant.

Price: £10 approx

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This ultra-light, non-greasy sunscreen is suitable for those with seriously sensitive skin. Offering UVA and UVB protection it will help ward off premature ageing, protect from sunburn and will not leave an oily shine on your skin. It is also water resistant.

Price: £16

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Offering both UVA and UVB protection, this sun cream has been treated with Calmanelle which is an anti-irritant and which helps to strangthen the skin's resilience to the sun.

The cream provides hours of moisturisation to keep the delicate skin of the face soft and is very sweat and water resistant.

Price: £12

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soltan protect and moisturise

Boots own brand Soltan is a great option for those hoping not to break the bank. At £4.50 this option is a real bargain. And the good news is that it offers really good protection from the sun too.

This specially developed face cream is light and non pore blocking, provides up to 8 hours of moisturisation and includes a patented anti-ageing complex.

Price: £4.50

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