Not every workplace has showers for cyclists – and even if they did, you might not want to give your hair a full lather after every ride.

Dry shampoo is the perfect solution – absorbing grease from the roots, and often adding pleasant aroma, as well – without the need for a drop of water or a blowdry.

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There's nothing new about the concept of sprinkling a little product on to keep your hair fresh between washes - the Victorians used to use arrowroot ­powder, and both corn starch and oatmeal have been used in the past.

Thankfully, we eat oatmeal for breakfast and have a plethora of lovely smelling sprays to choose from. We've rounded up ten of the best:

Batiste dry shampoo

Batiste is probably the brand you’ll recognise from the shelves – it’s a popular option and unlike many haircare brands that have branched into dry shampoo, Batiste DO dry shampoo.

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This focus means that they’ve got multiple options available – with fragrances from ‘Blush’ (floral and flirty), ‘Fresh’ (crisp and cool) and ‘Tropical’ (Coconut and Exotic). Not only that, but tinted versions help to hide root re-growth if you’re a dye fan, and there’s an XXL Volume ‘Big and Bouncy’ spray that will help unflatten your mop if you’ve got a touch of helmet hair.

Cost: £2.99 or £3.00 for 200ml

Available from: Boots


Women who get to work by bike are usually big fans of multitasking - and if that's you, you'll probably get on well with this dry shampoo.

Designed to liven up dull, tired hair - this spray is blended with Chinese Green Tea and Mediterranean Lemon extracts. It claims to:

  • Cleanse hair
  • Absorb grease at the roots
  • Have a light weight feel
  • Leave hair feeling soft to the touch
  • Make hair easy to detangle
  • Smell blissful
  • Leave no visible residue (though we'd argue that's NOT doing something, not doing something - but, ya know.. )

Cost: £3.99 (currently £2.66) for 150ml

From: Boots

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A stylists favourite, this spray from TIGI is recommended by James Pecis, and though a touch more expensive than our other finds, it promises to be lightweight and invisible, whist providing plenty of texture for easy styling.

Beauty and the bike: Commuter special - multi-tasking products

Rose and sandalwood condition your hair in this odourless solution that won't argue with your perfume.

Cost: £14.85 for 250ml

Available from: FeelUnique.com

Klorane dry shampoo.jpg2

Be gentle to your scalp with this natural oat milk dry shampoo from Klorane.

The oats used - Avena sativa L. -are harvested in France, and chosen for their high vitamin content. The gentle nature of this product means it's suitable for regular use, by all of the family.

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The oat milk should leave your hair silky soft - though if you have oily hair, there is a nettle version which helps to regulate production of oil.

Cost: £4 for 50ml

Available from: John Lewis

Fullscreen capture 06032015 141146.bmpnew

This dry shampoo will absorb grease and sweat as you'd expect, but it's also designed to create volume and texture, which is often flattened out when you've put your barnet under a helmet.

Styling is also aided by the added 'grip' that this product provides you with, so this could be the one to go for if you're a fan of a good up-do during the day.

Trevor Sorbie advise that you apply the product little at a time, in short bursts - holding the can at an arms length from your hair, before massaging through the roots.

Cost: £5.70 for 200ml

Available from: Boots


This formula is super light weight, and claims to leave hair refreshed, without building up - so it's particularly good for those with fine hair, of a fringe that you don't want to droop under the weight of product.

Hairstyles for Helmets: Half-Up Hair Tuck

Organic blue yucca root and bamboo extract combine to create a nourishing spray that doesn't leave a powdery residue.

Cost: £23 for 135g

Available from: LookFantastic.com

so dry shanpoo

If you're anything like me (mid twenties) you'll probably remember 'So?' (Salon Secrets) from the early days of secondary school - 'So? Kiss Me' was the body spray of choice.

Bear with me, though - because the benefits of this £4.99 set are multiple - firstly, you get four bottles, one 'So? Lovely', a 'So? Fabulous', 'So? Glamorous' AND 'So? Va Va Volume' - that's 3 fragrances, and a puffy one for data night.

The second bonus is that at 50ml, these are really handy for popping into a backpack. What's not to love about these grease/sweat fighting minis?

Cost: £4.99 for 4 x 50ml

Available from: Superdrug


This is a more premium spray that's a favourite to hair stylist Guido Palau. The 'two day extender' clams to transform hair from 'day-old' to amazing.

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This one will be a hit among those who tend to over-do it sometimes, since it cleverly corrects overuse - only the required amount will take to your hair.

Cost: £13.45 for 153ml

Available from: FeelUnique.com

lee stafford dry shampoo

Nobody wants the remnants of white powder to sit in their parting - and Lee Stafford have made sure this doesn't happen by creating their dry shampoo in three colour options.

A simple clean scent accompanies this handy spray, and the bright bottle design will always be easy to spot in the depths of a commuters backpack.

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Lee Stafford make a point of not testing on animals, too - so you can resty assured the pooch on the bottle is as happy as can be.

Cost: £5.99 for 150ml

Available from: Boots

Label M Dry Shampoo

This refreshing dry shampoo uses Rich Starch to disperse oil, and it works as a lovely matt texturiser to transform your hair from flat and greasy to thick and tousled.

label.m (not fans of capital letters, it seems) were the official haircare brand used at the London Fashion Week and the range is developed by professional stylists.

Cost: £11.95 for 200ml

Available from: label.m

There are plenty more simple hints and tips that can help you feel fresh after a commute - check out our guide here.