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The repetitive action of cycling can weaken our flexibility and cause strain and injury to our muscles and joints if we don't take time to properly stretch after rides a few times a week. One great way of ensuring that you are stretching safely and properly is to take up yoga for cyclists. With classes designed specifically to benefit cyclists, you will be taught how to condition your over-used hamstrings and calves as well as getting the chance to work-out those neglected muscles and joints that we don't use cycling.

To get started, take a look at our yoga for cyclists kit list:

[part title="Yoga Mat"]

yoga for cyclists

Available in a wide selection of bright colours, the Fitness Mad Warrior Yoga Mat is a great choice for beginners and experts alike. Choose between a 4mm or 6mm thick mat depending on your comfort preference and enjoy the great grip and cushioning that both of them offer. Made from PVC you can easily wipe this mat clean after use and it's machine washable too.

[part title="Yoga Mat Bag"]

Yogamatters Zip-Up Yoga Mat Bag, £12

Perfect to sling across your body as you cycle to your yoga class, the Yogamatters Zip-Up Yoga Mat Bag comes in a variety of colours to coordinate with your bike and makes your yoga mat easy to transport with you wherever you need to go. It's big enough to hold even extra thick yoga mats and the full length zip makes it super quick and simple to pack your mat away at the end of class. A concealed inner pocket also means that you can carry your valuables with you hidden in your mat bag so there's no need to have a handbag with you too.

[part title="Yoga Towel"]

yoga for cyclists

The Get A Grip Yoga Mat Towel wicks away moisture as you sweat so it's ideal for laying over a communal yoga mat in your gym as well as using to dry yourself off during a particularly intense yoga session. The towel can also be used to provide extra grip for you in particularly slippery positions such as the downward facing dog. Available in a range of colours.

[part title="Yoga Belt"]

yoga for cyclists

The Yoga United Yoga Belt will help you learn to stretch safely and is especially great for beginners who aren't yet very flexible. At just under two metres in length the belt is suitable for use by cyclists of all heights. Choose between turquoise, raspberry, aubergine, sunset orange and dark purple and use it to hold your legs and shoulders in place whilst practicing new yoga positions.

[part title="Yoga Blocks"]

Nike Essential Yoga Block, £9.99

This highly durable Nike Essential Yoga Block can easily be carried between class and home and acts as a great aid for a number of different yoga positions. Most yoga classes will have blocks there that you can use but if you prefer to have your own, or are planning to practice yoga using a DVD at home then this lightweight Nike block is a great choice.

[part title="Yoga Pants"]

Reebok Grey Cuffed Yoga Pants, £20

A lot of yoga positions see you bending in unflattering and quite un-ladylike positions so if your dignity is something you would like to keep in tact, you'll be wanting to invest in some suitable clothing. Reebok Grey Cuffed Yoga Pants are ideal as they are tight around the waist so they won't fall down whilst you stretch and they're cuffed at the ankles so they will stay in position even when you have your legs above your head.

[part title="Yoga Work-Out Top"]

yoga for cyclists

You'll be needing a tight fitting top if you're going to practice yoga in public. This PUMA Ladies Essential Gym Racerback Tank Top is the perfect choice as it will stay in place whilst allowing your skin to breathe and has an inner bra for extra support.

[part title="Yoga DVD"]

yoga for cyclists

Featuring David Moreno, the Wheel of Yoga for Cyclists dvd will teach you how to use yoga and Ayurveda to help prevent injuries through cycling and how to strengthen and condition already weakened muscles, joints and flexibility. With different chapters focusing on joints and ligaments, core abdominals, stretches and restorations, breathing techniques, hydration myths and facts and cycling tips; yoga work-out classes are divided into pre- and post-ride sessions.

[part title="Yoga Book"]

yoga for cyclists

Written by yoga instructor Lexie Williamson, Yoga for Cyclists teaches cyclists of all abilities how they can use yoga to improve their performance. If you're looking to improve your flexibility, balance, breathing, efficiency, core strength and mental focus - this could be just the book for you.

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