There's a lot of debate floating around cycling circles about whether or not we need to be doing strength training, or if we're better off just getting strong for cycling by riding a bike.

Regardless which camp you sit in - sometimes we quite simply haven't got time to fit a bike ride in. In that case, it's certainly worth devoting just 30 minutes or so to getting those cycling muscles working - and that you can do off the bike.

We've teamed up with sponsored rider, and cycling presenter Anna Glowinski to bring you five of the best exercised to do between bike rides. These include:

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Windmills
  4. Spidermans
  5. Mountain Climbs

We'd suggest warming up with a ten minute jog, then completing one minute of each exercise, four times before some gentle stretching.

Each of the exercises are hand picked to be relevant to cyclists, and the first couple can be made harder with the addition of weights if you really want to up your strength. We'll let Anna explain...

Getting your fitness fix doesn't need to take all day if you're smart about it - if you're after something a bit more strenuous, and have access to a full gym and sixty minutes, check out this one hour gym circuit.

If you've got any questions for Team TWC or Anna, pop them in the comments below.