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In this post Kerry Bircher, cycling coach at Revolution Cycling focuses on the third and fourth phases of the 100 Mile Sportive training programme.

This part of the overall training programme aims to progress you as a cyclist and whereas Part 1 focused on simply increasing your base miles, the second phase of the training plan continues to build endurance but also focuses on increasing stamina, efficiency and technique. This plan follows Part 1, but is also ideal if you are a leisure or regular cyclist, who can already cycle 40-50 miles and are keen to improve your general fitness and conditioning ready for a longer distance of up to 100 Miles.

Cycling is a great sport for keeping fit but if you are training for a sportive, it is really important to build up your strength and stamina in a structured way.

Just starting out? Check out Kerry's training plan for your first 100 part 1.

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Aerobic: This is minimal-effort riding designed to increase your aerobic endurance. Judge by your breathing: It should be steady, but relaxed, able to carry on a conversation. On a scale of 1 to 10, this effort would rate about 4-6 and is approximately 65-75% MHR (Maximum Heart Rate).

Tempo: This is a level above base and will train your body to hold a faster pace for a longer period of time. Expect quicker breathing, and to be only able to talk in short sentences. On a scale of 1 to 10, this effort would rate about a 7, and is approximately 75-85 % MHR.

Threshold: Just less than all-out. Quick breathing, your legs are likely to be burning, and you can only speak one or two words. On a scale of 1 to 10, this effort would be an 8, and is approximately 85% + MHR.

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Route: Varied terrain with some rolling hills.

Goal: To ride a 60M/ 100k sportive at a steady pace, and to ride confidently in a group.

Training plan for first 100 mile bike ride

Route: Varied terrain with some rolling and challenging hills with a similar profile to your target event.

Goal: To be prepared for all of the event demands required for a 100 mile challenge.