Yoga for cyclists: Runner's Lunge pose by Total Women's Cycling a Road Cycling video by Total Women's Cycling

The Runner's Lunge yoga pose stretches the hamstrings which are usually tight for most people. Tight hamstrings will affect our position on the bike and can also cause lower back problems. Keeping the hamstrings flexible will give us more freedom of movement on the bike.

How to do the Runner's Lunge pose:

  • From Face Down Dog step the left foot forwards between the hands, bending the front knee
  • Then start to draw the hips back so that they stack over the back knee
  • Gradually work the front leg towards straight, lifting the sole of the foot off the floor so that the toes point upwards
  • The front leg may not straighten - do not force it
  • Support yourself on the fingertips
  • Lift the big toe back towards the face so that the front foot is active
  • Scoop the belly and chest forwards, this will increase the stretch in the hamstrings
  • Stay here and breath for 5 to 10 breaths
  • Then bend the front knee and step back into Face Down Dog
  • Repeat on the other side.

How to deepen the Runner's Lunge pose:

  • If you need more stretch try to flatten the belly and ribs out along the front leg.

What to watch for:

  • Make sure the hips stack over the back knee.

Our instructor is Polly Clark; yoga teacher and founder of Mountain Yoga Breaks who offer weekends combining mountain biking and yoga in the beautiful Welsh countryside.