Regardless of your cup size or shape, most female cyclists will have a boob-related cycling nightmare at some point. Breasts vary from person to person, but one thing we can all agree on is the support we seek when we're riding.

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A good sports bra should offer comfort and support, not just for the breasts themselves, but across your back and shoulders also. Sports bras also need to be versatile enough to move with the body, to combat over-heating and most of all, keep them in check and in place.

Anita has been around for over 100 years when they first started producing corsets and body belts. Since then, they've gone on to produce fine quality and supportive bras for everyone, one of which is their Maximum Support; Air Control DeltaPad sports bra and we've been giving it a good whirl through training and riding.


Anita's Maximum Support; Air Control DeltaPad sports bra is constructed from a blend of Nylon, Polyester and Elastane with Anita's own "Sweat Management" technology. The patented "DeltaPad" design incorporates a thin foam cup for each breast to ensure shaping support.

The mesh fabric that makes up a large proportion of the garment is stylish without being too revealing, despite its semi-transparent finish. The straps are thick and comfortable to help distribute the weight and pressure of the sports bra, and these straps increase with size also.


The shoulder straps have limited adjustability which I didn't find to be an issue. The back fastening has four hook-and-eye clasp and three different width settings to choose from. Now, if you're like me and useless on anything more than two clasps, you may have to pop this bra on backwards and wiggle it around and up into position.

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My previous experiences with sports bras haven't been too successful. They usually squash my boobs flat, often causing them to spill up into my armpits, so this was my first time with a bra-like sports bra and I've been extremely surprised...


Unlike my usual everyday bras, the DeltaPad sports bra from Anita is not underwired and yet, it held shape and offered support enough that I didn't feel crammed in, or that I was sporting a rather worrying 'uni-boob'.

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From riding rocky trails to training at the gym and even just wearing casually, this sports bra is certainly impressive. Ok, it doesn't fix your breasts into just one position under lockdown, but your sports bra shouldn't necessarily do that either. There was certainly restricted movement but it was comfortable and even after washing a number of times, the DeltaPad retains its shape, support and super soft feel.

For more information on the Anita Maximum Support; Air Control DeltaPad sports bra, head over to their website here.