Recipe: 15 Minute Omelette Muffins

Here at TWC we harbour many talents - we can hunt out bike related news, change a tyre with tea spoons (not that we'd advise it - bad for the rim) and ride on rollers for a whole 20 seconds (ahem. whilst being supported by the doorframe).

We don't claim to be the best in the world in the kitchen - mainly because after a long day tappety-tapping on the keyboard and a good ol' training ride, often our primary concerns are:

1) Is it quick?

2) Is it tasty?

3) Is it nutritious?

With this in mind, we plan to bring you a selection of 15 minute wonders that meet these three needs. The first of which is our favourite mini omelette muffins.

Eggs are a complete protein. In fact, a whole egg contains 18 amino acids, including all the ‘essential’ amino acids which help to ensure protein is delivered quickly and effectively. Add in some veg for extra nutrients and you're on to a winner in the nutrition stakes.

All you'll need is below - these quantities will make 12 morsels of yum:

1) Eggs (we used 5)

2) Self raising flour (we used 3 table spoons)

3) Milk (we used half a cup)

4) Ham, mushroom, tomatoes, spinach or other - to taste

5) Salt, pepper, and herbs or spices to taste - we'd suggest Chinese 5 Spice, Basil or Paprika

6) Cooking oil - we used coconut oil, but butter will work too

Grease the tin

15 Minute Omelette Muffins

Grease a muffin tray with a thin layer of cooking oil, butter or coconut oil (we used the latter). If you plan on transporting your mini omelettes then consider using cake cases as this will make it easier.

At this point, turn the oven on to around 200 degrees.

Chop up the extras

Recipe: 15 Minute Omelette Muffins

Anyone eagle eyed will have spotted we actually did this before step one. Whatevs. Here you can add anything you like, really - within reason - alternatives could include spinach or spring onion. If you would like a more quiche-y texture, you can even add cubes of bread.

Load the filling into the muffin tray

Recipe: 15 Minute Omelette Muffins

Try to keep it fairly even, you don't want one boring one...

Crack eggs into a bowl

Recipe: 15 Minute Omelette Muffins

This is where there's potential to get messy...

Add flour

Recipe: 15 Minute Omelette Muffins

Self raising flour will ensure these rise, and you can also add a pinch of baking powder, you know, if you're the kind of organised cook who actually has baking powder. Give the mixture a good stir - it will become quite thick, but make sure it's smooth also.

Add milk

Recipe: 15 Minute Omelette Muffins

Slosh in your milk, adding enough that the mixture is runny and slides off a fork easily.

Now is the time to add any extra flavouring - salt and pepper are recommended, and spices like Chinese 5 Spice, Paprika or herbs such as Basil will work wonders on the tastebuds.

Pour into the muffin tin

Recipe: 15 Minute Omelette Muffins

Deposit the mixture evenly across the tin for evenly sized creations

Sprinkle cheese on top

Recipe: 15 Minute Omelette Muffins

Amount will vary to taste, but don't go crazy as you don't want these to turn greasy - a pinch per muffin worked fine for us

Bake for 10 minutes

Recipe: 15 Minute Omelette Muffins

These should take around 10-15 minutes in the oven - bake until they're a nice golden brown, until a knife can be inserted and removed clean, and until they can be removed as one easily. Try not to open the oven before 10 minutes is up, as they will sink if released too early!

Serve as desired...

Recipe: 15 Minute Omelette Muffins

Thick, brown bloomer bread would be lovely - unfortunately we didn't have any - but there are plenty of options here, so be creative!

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