If you're anything like us, you'll have snacked your way through a few protein bars in your life, and why not? They're packed full of the good stuff to help you recover and build your pedalling muscles.

Fortunately for us, gone are the tasteless chalky days of barely edible protein foods and powders as brands have developed tastier ways for us to get our protein intake.

OTE Sports are at the cutting edge of performance. Not only do they have fitness centres in the UK with specialists on hand to help improve your training, but they've been successfully pedalling delicious food products to help too!

Their latest creations are the Milk Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar and the Gluten-Free Duo Bars....


Milk Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar - Each 45g bar contains a whopping 22g of protein, 159 calories and 0.9g of sugar.

Perfect for a post-training snack, these bars are yummy and recommended to be consumed within 30 minutes of exercise - day or night!

Protein: Are you doing it right?

Gluten-Free Duo Bars - 65g of cakey goodness that's sworn by professionals. Pre-cut into two pieces, each half contains 20g of carbohydrates and 7g of protein per pack.

Ideal as a healthy snack on the go; pre-workout, during and for after, they're available in chocolate and vanilla.

For more information on OTE Sports products and to purchase these tasty bars, head over to their website here.